First Look: Hulk #1 by Tamaki & Leon (Marvel)

HULK #1 Smashes This December – Your First Look!

Hulk #1


Here’s your first look at Hulk #1, the ongoing adventures of Jessica Walters by writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Nico Leon, on sale December 28th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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Preview: The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 by Pak & Cho

Amadeus Cho Hulks Out in THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1!

The Totally Awesome Hulk #1


Here’s a short preview of The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 by writer Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho, on sale December 2nd, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

Strap in, hold on and Hulk out True Believer. It’s time for a new Jade Giant for a new Marvel Universe.

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Korean-American Boy Genius Becomes The Totally Awesome Hulk

Meet the “Totally Awesome Hulk” – Marvel’s First Korean-American Hulk!

Totally Awesome Hulk #1


Marvel Comics continues to change up their heroes as part of their “All-New, All-Different” post-Secret Wars line-up. This time it’s The Hulk.

Amadeus Cho, a 19 year old Korean-American boy genius becomes the Hulk, but this the green goliath isn’t a conflicted or tormented mess, he’s “Totally Awesome.”

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Thanos vs. Hulk #1 by Jim Starlin Coming in December 2014

THANOS VS. HULK #1 Matches Mad Titan Against Green Goliath This December!

Thanos vs. Hulk #1

New Limited Series From Comic Legend Jim Starlin Coming Later This Year!


A legend returns for another Thanos story at Marvel in December 2014 with Thanos vs. Hulk #1, a four issue miniseries written & drawn by Jim Starlin.


Press Release

This December, legendary fan-favorite Jim Starlin returns for an action-packed, smash-filled limited series spanning the cosmos in THANOS VS. HULK #1! That’s right True Believer, time to find out if Hulk is truly the strongest there is as he throws down with Thanos across the far reaches of the Marvel Universe!

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Marvel Brings Awareness To Bullying Through Variant Covers in October

Marvel Entertainment and Stomp Out Bullying Team Up On Heroic Anti-Bullying Awareness  Program

Stomp Out Bullying Logo

This October, Marvel Comics to Release Special Variant Covers to Commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month and Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention


Marvel and STOMP Out Bullying are teaming up to bring more awareness to bullying around the country through a series of variant covers in October.


Press Release

Marvel Entertainment is enlisting its biggest Super Heroes to bring added awareness of the problems of bullying.  This October, Marvel will join forces with STOMP Out Bullying™, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization for kids and teens in the U.S., to launch a special variant cover program to commemorate National Bullying Prevention Month and support STOMP’s relentless efforts to stop this growing epidemic. Throughout the month of October, the world’s most popular Super Heroes – Captain America, The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy and more — will be featured on all-new variant covers to spotlight both National Bullying Prevention Month and STOMP’s Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention.  The variant issues will be available exclusively at comic shops.

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75 Years of Marvel: From The Golden Age to The Silver Screen

75 Years of Marvel:
From The Golden Age to The Silver Screen


This Fall, Marvel & Taschen are publishing an enormous 700+ page magnum opus, written by Roy Thomas, entitled 75 Years of Marvel: From The Golden Age to The Silver Screen.


Press Release

In celebration of Marvel’s 75th anniversary, this fall, TASCHEN presents 75 YEARS OF MARVEL: FROM THE GOLDEN AGE TO THE SILVER SCREEN, a 700+ page magnum opus of the most influential comic book publisher today with an inside look, not only at its celebrated characters – Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man, but also at the “bullpen” of architects whose names are almost as familiar as the protagonists they brought to life—Stan “the Man” Lee, Jack “King” Kirby, along with a roster of greats like Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin, and countless others. With essays by comic book historian and former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, this book delves into the hearts of thousands of costumed characters who continue to fight the good fight in comics, movies, and toy aisles of the world.

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First Look: Hulk vs. Iron Man #2 – Original Sin #3.2

The Battle Rages On In HULK VS. IRON MAN #2
an Original Sin Tie-In!

Hulk vs. Iron Man #2

Here’s a short 3 page first look preview at Hulk vs. Iron Man #2, an Original Sin tie-in, by writers Kieron Gillen, Mark Waid, and artist Luke Ross, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale July 16th, 2014.


Press Release

This July, the fight of the century continues in HULK VS. IRON MAN #2 – the next senses shattering issue spinning out of Original Sin! Superstar writers Mark Waid & Kieron Gillen join artist Luke Ross for a showdown that pits the Flashiest Avenger against the Smashiest Avenger.

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First Look at Hulk #1 by Mark Waid and Mark Bagley

Smash Into All-New Marvel NOW! With Your First Look at HULK #1!

Hulk #1

Your first look at Hulk #1 by writer Mark Waid and artist Mark Bagley, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale April 16th, 2014.


Press Release

This April, the Jade Giant returns for an all-new ongoing series from Eisner Award winning writer Mark Waid and critically acclaimed artist Mark Bagley! Now is the perfect chance to jump on board as the epic “Banner D.O.A” begins in HULK #1!

Following the shocking ending of Indestructible Hulk – Bruce Banner lay at inches from death. As he clings to life, the mystery of his attacker will have everyone talking. Who shot Bruce Banner? And why did they want him dead?

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Hulk #1 by Mark Waid and Mark Bagley Arrives in April 2014

Superstars Mark Waid & Mark Bagley SMASH into HULK #1!

Hulk #1

Writer Mark Waid & artist Mark Bagley take on the Hulk with a new series – Hulk #1 arrives in stores April 2014 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

Who shot Bruce Banner? That’s the question on everyone’s mind this April when critically acclaimed creators Mark Waid and Mark Bagley smash into the epic, all-new HULK #1 – as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative!

“As our series opens, Banner’s at death’s door”, says Waid. “…having learned something about himself that cuts him to the quick and calls into question everything he’s been doing for what he believes is the public good.  And things don’t improve for him from there.”

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Advance Preview: Hulk #50 (Marvel)

Your First Look At The Landmark HULK #50

Hulk #50

Press Release

Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Hulk #50, from the critically acclaimed team Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan. Red Hulk’s hostile encounter in Las Vegas during Circle of Four is coming back to haunt him! The end of the world may be upon us, but that’s not all that’s headed for Red Hulk;

"The Red Hulk didn’t get out of that Venom story unscathed,” explains Jeff Parker. “Something followed him out of hell and it’s going to make the supernatural territory of Marvel break open and swallow our anti-hero whole!"

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