First Look: The Ultimates #1 by Ewing & Rocafort

The Ultimate Team For Ultimate Problems – Your First Look at ULTIMATES #1!

Ultimates #1


Here’s your first look at The Ultimates #1 by writer Al Ewing and artist Kenneth Rocafort, on sale November 11th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

This November, meet the heaviest of the heavy hitters as the ultimate superteam takes shape.

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IDW Re-launches G.I. Joe With A New Creative Team In February 2013

IDW Re-launches G.I. JOE Comic Books!

G.I. JOE #1

Publisher Announces New Creative Team and New Era!

In February, Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth take the reins of a newly re-launched G.I. Joe series from IDW Publishing.

The new series features an big turning point for IDW’s flagship series and is expected to be a great jumping-on point for new readers. Having read Fred Van Lente’s excellent work on the recent Archer & Armstrong series from Valiant Comics, I’m excited to start reading this new series in February.

Press release

IDW is pleased to announce not only a new creative team on their flagship G.I. JOE comic, but also an exciting new era for the beloved heroes based on the iconic Hasbro brand!

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FF #1 Gets A Variant Cover By Arthur Adams

Legendary Artist Arthur Adams Covers FF #1!

FF #1 Arthur Adams Variant Cover


Press release

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at legendary artist, Arthur Adams’ stunning variant cover to FF #1! No fan can miss this jaw dropping variant featuring the all-new substitute Four, Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Ms. Thing! Handpicked by original members can this new team defend  Earth and the Future Foundation? That’s the question Matt Fraction and Michael Allred answer as they kick off this all-new ongoing series!

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Preview: Godzilla: Legends TPB (IDW)

Godzilla Legends From IDW!


Here is a seven page preview of the Godzilla: Legends TPB from IDW Publishing featuring artwork by Chris Scalf, Bob Eggleton and Arthur Adams.

Godzilla: Legends
Matt Frank, Jeff Prezenkowski, John Vankin, Mike Raicht, Chris Mowry, & Bobby Curnow (w) • Matt Frank, Simon Gane, Tony Parker, EJ Su, & Dean Haspiel (a) • Art Adams (c)

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Preview: Secret Avengers #25 (Unlettered)

Your First Look At SECRET AVENGERS #25Secret Avengers 25 Cover


Press Release

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Secret Avengers #25, from the red-hot creative team of Rick Remender & Gabriel Hardman. The Descendants live by a simple creed: Serve Father. Protect The Core. Kill all Avengers! Against all odds, it’s up to Hawkeye’s fractured team to stop this superhuman threat from achieving their sole objective–contagious robotic evolution!

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Advance Preview: Hulk #50 (Marvel)

Your First Look At The Landmark HULK #50

Hulk #50

Press Release

Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Hulk #50, from the critically acclaimed team Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan. Red Hulk’s hostile encounter in Las Vegas during Circle of Four is coming back to haunt him! The end of the world may be upon us, but that’s not all that’s headed for Red Hulk;

"The Red Hulk didn’t get out of that Venom story unscathed,” explains Jeff Parker. “Something followed him out of hell and it’s going to make the supernatural territory of Marvel break open and swallow our anti-hero whole!"

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Preview: Godzilla Legends #1 (IDW)

AnguirusGodzilla Legends is a 5 issue series featuring Godzilla’s foes in self-contained stories. Here is a preview of the first issue courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Godzilla Legends #1, written by Matt Frank and Jeff Prezenkowski, and drawn by Matt Frank, is available at comic shops on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 with a cover price of $3.99. The first issue features a cover by Bob Eggleton and Arthur Adams, and several alternate and incentive covers are available.

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