Great Comic Book Tattoos

A Gallery of Comic Book Tattoos

Joker Straightjacket tattoo

I’ve always admired tattoos and the very talented tattoo artists whose work adorns many people skin across the globe. Although I’ve yet to get a single tattoo myself, I always get inspired to do so whenever I see such amazing work.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any new comic book tattoos on our site, and there have been a lot of new pieces floating around on the internet. This is just a small selection of what we’ve run across.

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Comic Book Tattoo Gallery

Comic Book Related Tattoos!av1krc

It’s been a while since we’ve compiled some comic book tattoos. We scoured the web and found that we’d missed quite a few cool ones last time around.

So here is another gallery of comic book related tattoos for you to check out. If you’ve missed our previous galleries, they can be found here, here, here, and here.

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Great Comic Book Tattoos

Great Comic Book Tattoos!


People often have passions for many things in life and when something speaks out to them, it’s not uncommon to want to immortalize it. One way to show how their passion has affected them, is to have it tattooed on their body.

Previously we’ve shown you some cool and unusual comic book related tattoos (1, 2, 3) and we’ve found many more great ones since that time! Here are almost three dozen awesome comic book tattoo designs. They not only represent the skill of the artist who did the work, but the unique choice of the person who wears it.

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Awesome Indie Comic Book Tattoos

We’ve been showcasing some cool comic book tattoos over the last several months on Comic Book Critic, but they’ve mostly been standard superhero fare. This time we’re featuring more obscure and indie comics tattoos instead.

So, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together a gallery of some really cool ones. Enjoy! 

Awesome Indie Comic Book Tattoos 

Adrian Tomine


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Cool Comic Book Tattoos

Commonly people get tattoos to make a personal statement; in many ways they are an extension of their personalities. Those who are passionate about the statement or aesthetic value of their tattoos also have the same passion about other aspects of their life. When those with passions for tattoos and comic books mix, there can be some pretty cool results.

Here is a collection of some of the better comic book related tattoos that I’ve seen.


Incredible Hulk

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