First Look: Darth Vader #25 – The Epic Finale

Your New Look Inside DARTH VADER #25 – The Epic Finale!

Darth Vader #25

Oversized Issue Brings Critically-Acclaimed Series to a Close!


Here’s your first look at Darth Vader #25, the epic finale of the series by writer Kieron Gillen and artists Salvador Larroca & Max Fiumara, on sale October 12th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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First Look at Black Widow #1 by Waid & Samnee

BLACK WIDOW #1 Reunites Eisner Award Winners Waid & Samnee in March!

Black Widow #1

Your New Look Inside The First Issue!


Here’s a short preview of Black Widow #1, reuniting the creative team of Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Matt Wilson, & Joe Caramagna, on sale March 2nd, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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Mark Waid & Chris Samnee Take On Black Widow in 2016

From The Eisner Award Winning Team Behind DAREDEVIL!

Black Widow #1


The award-winning creative team behind Daredevil turn their sights to Marvel’s super spy in Black Widow #1, on sale in early 2016 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

All-New, All-Different Marvel charges forward with the most popular characters in the world brought to life by red-hot creators!

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Preview: The Fox #3 (Dark Circle)

The Fox #3 Preview

The Fox #3


Here’s a five page preview of The Fox #3 by Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid, Rachel Deering, and Alan Passalaqua, on sale June 10th, 2015 from Dark Circle Comics.



Plot: Dean Haspiel
Art: Dean Haspiel, Rachel Deering, Alan Passalaqua
Script: Mark Waid
Cover: Dean Haspiel
Fox-Hunted Variant Cover: Steve Rude
Prowling Variant Cover: Chris Samnee
Hunter and Prey Variant Cover: T.Rex


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Preview: The Fox #1 (Dark Circle)

First Look – THE FOX #1

The Fox #1


Here’s a six page preview of The Fox #1, a Dark Circle title by Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid, Allen Passalaqua, and John Workman, on sale April 15th, 2015 from Archie Comics.



Plot/Art: Dean Haspiel
Script: Mark Waid
Art: Dean Haspiel, Allen Passalaqua, and John Workman
Cover: Dean Haspiel


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Preview: Ant-Man #1 by Spencer & Rosanas

ANT-MAN #1 Brings Big Time Heroics to Microscopic Levels This January!

Ant-Man #1

Marvel is wasting no time in releasing a new Ant-Man series ahead of the theatrical film scheduled for July 2015. The newest Ant-Man ongoing series, features Scott Lang as Marvel’s smallest super-hero, and will be released in January.

Here’s a preview of Ant-Man #1 by writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas, on sale in January 2015 from Marvel Comics.

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Preview: The Mighty TPB (Dark Horse)

The Mighty TPB Preview (Dark Horse)

The Mighty TPB

Here’s a ten page preview of The Mighty, a trade paperback collecting all 12 issues of the series, by writers Peter Tomasi & Keith Champagne and artists Chris Samnee & Peter Snejbjerg, on sale December 3rd, 2014 from Dark Horse.



Writer: Peter Tomasi, Keith Champagne
Artist: Chris Samnee, Peter Snejbjerg
Colorist: John Kalisz
Cover Artist: Ryan Sook

The world’s only superhero returns!

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First Look: Thor #2 by Aaron & Dauterman

She is Worthy – Your First Look at THOR #2!

Thor #2

Here’s your first look at Thor #2 by writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman, on sale November 12th, 2014 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

This November, bring the thunder and summon the lightning as the new Thor tests her mettle against an army of Frost Giants in THOR #2 – the highly anticipated second issue!

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