Legendary Artist Nick Cardy Dies at 93

Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013)

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons


Nick Cardy, the legendary artist best known for his DC Comics work from the 1950s through the 1970s, passed away at age 93. His work on the Teen Titans and Aquaman helped define each series. We are all saddened by his passing.

Find out more about Nick Cardy (Nicholas Viscardi) and his work here.

DC Comics has issued a statement which you can find below.

We’ve put together a gallery of Nick Cardy’s work on various DC Comics covers over his career which spanned several decades.

Rest in Peace, Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013).

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Fantagraphics Co-Publisher Kim Thompson (1956-2013) RIP

Kim Thompson Passes Away At Age 56

Kim Thompson - Photo by Lynn Emmert

Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and co-workers. Fantagraphics has a lasting legacy in the comic book world and he was one of the greats who helped make it happen.

Press Release

Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson died at 6:30 this morning, June 19. “He was my partner and close friend for 36 years,” said Gary Groth.

Thompson was born in Denmark in 1956. He grew up in Europe, a lifelong comics fan, reading both European and American comics in Denmark, France, and Germany. He was an active fan in his teen years, writing to comics — his letters appeared in Marvel’s letter columns circa early 1970s — and contributing to fanzines from his various European perches. At the age of 21, he set foot, for the first time, on American soil, in late 1977. One “fanzine” he had not contributed to was The Comics Journal, which Groth and Michael Catron began publishing in July of 1976. That was soon to change.

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Jean Giraud aka Moebius Art Gallery

Jean Giraud aka Moebius GalleryFC-Vernissage-Moebius-170

On March 10th, 2012, Jean Giraud, the French artist who was predominantly known as Moebius, passed away at the age of 73.

An influential international artist, Moebius rose to fame drawing the Western serial character, Lieutenant Blueberry, for Pilote magazine. Blueberry eventually split off into its own series and Giraud worked on 29 volumes in total.

After leaving Blueberry, Moebius went on to do science fiction and fantasy work for Métal Hurlant magazine . Two of his most famous serials, The Airtight Garage and Arzach, both got their start in the pages of Métal Hurlant. Later on he started his famous L’Incal series in collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky.

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Comic Book Artist Eduardo Barreto, Dead at 57

Eduardo BarretoLong time comic book artist Luis Eduardo Barreto passed away from complications of meningitis at the age of 57.

Born in Uruguay, Barreto worked primarily for DC Comics in the 1980’s and early 1990’s on such titles as Teen Titans, The Shadow Strikes, Action Comics, Atari Force, Speeding Bullets, Under a Yellow Sun, and Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. In 2006, he took over the artwork from the ‘Judge Parker’ comic strip which he worked on until a bout of meningitis forced him to drop it in 2010.

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Joe Simon, Comic Book Legend, Dead at 98

Joe Simon Passes Away at 98


Joseph Henry “Joe” Simon, passed away on Wednesday December 14th, 2011 in New York City, after a brief illness, at the age of 98.

1606334-simon_and_kirby_largeSimon created or co-created many important characters in the Golden Age of Comics and was the first editor for Timely Comics, which later became Marvel Comics.

Along with Jack Kirby, Simon co-created Captain America in 1940. Simon & Kirby worked extensively at DC Comics in the 1940s on such books as Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy, and co-created the Newsboy Legion, the Boy Commandos, and Manhunter. Simon & Kirby creations for other comics publishers include Boys’ Ranch, Fighting American and the Fly.

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Jerry Robinson, a comic book legend, dead at 89


 Jerry Robinson, the legendary comic book artist who is credited with creating Batman’s archenemy The Joker, passed away in his sleep on Wednesday night. He was 89.

Discovered by Batman creator Bob Kane in 1939, Robinson was a 17 year old journalism student at Columbia University when Kane hired him to work on his Batman book as an inker and letterer.

Bob Kane later claimed that he and writer Bill Finger came up with the idea for The Joker, however, most historians credit Jerry Robinson with the creation of the character. Robinson was also influential in the creation or Robin the Boy Wonder, Alfred the butler, and Two-Face.

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R.I.P. – Gene Colan (1926-2011)

Gene Colan (2009)

On Thursday June 23rd, 2011, Gene Colan, a comics legend, passed away at the age of 84. He has worked for several different companies and in many differing genres over his almost 70 year career in comics.

Gene has helped bring to life countless characters over the years. Stan Lee and Gene Colan created The Falcon, the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics. He drew all 70 issues of Tomb of Dracula for Marvel Comics, including helping Marv Wolfman create Blade – a character that went on to be portrayed by Wesley Snipes in three films.

Gene has drawn many high profile Marvel characters including Iron Man (in Tales of Suspense), Dr. Strange, and Daredevil (1966-1973). In the 1980’s he did a lot of work for DC Comics on Batman, Detective Comics, and Night Force.

He was admired by many creators, friends, and fans alike. Here is what they had to say about the man and artist, Gene Colan:

Captain America #117

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Rest in Peace, Dwayne McDuffie

Today, Feb. 22nd 2011, across our twitter feed, came the shocking news of the sudden and unexpected death of Dwayne McDuffie. I first remember him working on Marvel’s Damage Control comic in the early 90’s. He then went on to become a co-founder in Milestone Media, a comic book company owned by African-Americans. A number … Read more