Win A Job At DC Entertainment by Assisting Suicide

Help Harley Quinn Kill Herself & Win A Job!

Harley Quinn

DC Entertainment is running an open talent search for up and coming artists and all you have to do is draw a page with Harley Quinn committing suicide. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

Well, you can read about it here!

It’s bad enough that Harley Quinn is the sexy, comedic poster child for abused women, but now you can win a contest by making her death “cool” enough for DC’s editors.

DC Entertainment’s judgment with this contest is very suspect. Whose idea was it and how did it make it all the way to the final stages of a contest. Really, DC? Suicide as a contest subject? This really has taken me aback.

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Classic Comic Book Advertisements

Classic Comic Book Advertisements!

Classic Comic Book Ads

It seems as though all of the advertising, that fill up the comics I’ve been reading lately, are just slick ads that are made up of a single full page image with some slogans or tag lines attached to them.

I miss the days of the ‘illustrated strip’ ads and the ‘full page of text’ ads. Gone forever are the comic book pages promoting BB guns and toy weapons. Many of you may be too young to remember those old ads, but everyone can enjoy reliving the past even though it was before they were born!

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Comic Book Tattoo Gallery

Comic Book Related Tattoos!av1krc

It’s been a while since we’ve compiled some comic book tattoos. We scoured the web and found that we’d missed quite a few cool ones last time around.

So here is another gallery of comic book related tattoos for you to check out. If you’ve missed our previous galleries, they can be found here, here, here, and here.

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Is It Piracy If You Own The Source Material?

Is-it-piracy -If-you-own-the-source-material

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and I’m going to throw this out there for the sake of argument.

With quickly progressing technology and the ever widening availability of high speed internet access, the means with which a person can become a media pirate is becoming easier. Just about anyone who is familiar with torrents can easily find and download pirated media. The question quickly changes from “Can I?” to “Should I?”

There’s no argument that downloading materials that you have not paid for and are not offered for free is illegal. Many would argue that it’s also immoral because you’re stealing from people who put in a lot of work and deserve to be compensated for it. Would you take money out of someone’s pocket or food off their table?

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Marvel Teases SPIDER-MEN Coming June 2012

SpiderMenMarvel Comics wasn’t going to be left out of the news, no matter how much Before Watchmen just utterly dominated the comics industry today.

A posting on their website was very plain, simple, and completely devoid of any information whatsoever. It didn’t even have any text, save the “Spider-Men” title of the post.

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Great Comic Book Tattoos

Great Comic Book Tattoos!


People often have passions for many things in life and when something speaks out to them, it’s not uncommon to want to immortalize it. One way to show how their passion has affected them, is to have it tattooed on their body.

Previously we’ve shown you some cool and unusual comic book related tattoos (1, 2, 3) and we’ve found many more great ones since that time! Here are almost three dozen awesome comic book tattoo designs. They not only represent the skill of the artist who did the work, but the unique choice of the person who wears it.

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Sexy Female Costumes Based on Male Superheroes

Sexy Female costumesEven though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sexy costumes for women to wear to Halloween or costume parties, there are always male-to-female conversions of superhero costumes. Sometimes they look decent, but more often than not, they are just a flimsy interpretation of the original.

We at Comic Book Critic looked around for a few examples and found some rather interesting ones. Here’s what we discovered!

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Happy New Year to Everyone From Comic Book Critic!


We at Comic Book Critic wish all of you and your families a happy and prosperous New Year in 2012!

Thank you for your continued support of this young site. We’ll have a few surprises for you in the coming year… including contests and giveaways! Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Stay safe this New Year’s Eve and enjoy the celebrations!

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Brian Bolland Cover Gallery

Brian Bolland Cover Gallery

The Joker

Brian Bolland has a distinctive style that is easily recognizable. His clean, detailed linework along with his attention to page composition has made him a highly sought after cover artist.

Brian Bolland (photo by Luigi Novi)Though most American comic book fans will recognize his beautifully detailed cover to Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and illustrated by Bolland himself, he was already well versed in doing covers and interiors in the UK and also for DC Comics in the US. He was clearly one of the definitive Judge Dredd artists in 2000 A.D. and illustrated DC’s first 12 issue maxi series, Camelot 3000.

Bolland had several very lengthy runs as the cover artist on a few DC Comics titles including Animal Man, Wonder Woman, The Invisibles, Batman: Gotham Nights, and Jack of Fables. He drew so many consecutive covers of Animal Man, the first 56 issues to be precise, that regardless of who actually drew the interiors, when you would think of Animal Man, Bolland’s artwork would instantly spring to mind.

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Paolo Rivera Creates an Amazing Cover for Daredevil #10


Daredevil was relaunched to critical acclaim this earlier this year by the team of Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera. While Waid steered away from the darker side of Daredevil we’ve been accustomed to reading for many years, he’s managed to stay true to the essence of the character by infusing some levity and fun back into the character.

Along with Waid’s masterful writing, Paolo Rivera has shone on the title. His art is a perfect fit for The Man Without Fear and his covers have been pieces of art that I’d love to have on my walls – especially Daredevil #10.

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