R2-D2 Superheroes Are On Their Way!

R2-D2 Superheroes

R2-D2 DroidTrinity


London-based artist Steve Berrington takes on several pop culture icons head on with these wonderful illustrations of iconic Star Wars droid R2-D2 as a costumed superhero.

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Legendary Artist Nick Cardy Dies at 93

Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013)

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons


Nick Cardy, the legendary artist best known for his DC Comics work from the 1950s through the 1970s, passed away at age 93. His work on the Teen Titans and Aquaman helped define each series. We are all saddened by his passing.

Find out more about Nick Cardy (Nicholas Viscardi) and his work here.

DC Comics has issued a statement which you can find below.

We’ve put together a gallery of Nick Cardy’s work on various DC Comics covers over his career which spanned several decades.

Rest in Peace, Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013).

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Comics Legend Carmine Infantino Dead At 87

Carmine Infantino Passes Away At Age 87

Carmine InfantinoToday the world lost another great.  Comics legend Carmine Infantino, born in Brooklyn, New York on May 24,1925, has passed away at age 87 after a long illness.

Infantino is most widely known as the artist who created the iconic red & yellow Silver Age Flash costume and ushered in the Silver Age of comics with Showcase #4 in 1956. He also co-created some of The Flash’s most popular rogues – Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Gorilla Grodd and Mirror Master. He also helped create a number of other DC characters including Barbara Gordon, the original Black Canary, and Deadman.

He later became DC Comics’ editorial director, and under his tenure DC created some of the best comic books on the stands. He hired Dick Giordano made Mike Sekowsky, Joe Orlando, and Joe Kubert editors; also Denny O’Neil & Neal Adams both joined DC’s ranks during that time. Infantino also hired Jack Kirby to work for DC after Kirby felt disenfranchised with Marvel at the time.

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Comic Book Artist Eduardo Barreto, Dead at 57

Eduardo BarretoLong time comic book artist Luis Eduardo Barreto passed away from complications of meningitis at the age of 57.

Born in Uruguay, Barreto worked primarily for DC Comics in the 1980’s and early 1990’s on such titles as Teen Titans, The Shadow Strikes, Action Comics, Atari Force, Speeding Bullets, Under a Yellow Sun, and Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. In 2006, he took over the artwork from the ‘Judge Parker’ comic strip which he worked on until a bout of meningitis forced him to drop it in 2010.

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