DC Releases More Looney Tunes / DC Universe Specials This Summer






DC Comics is releasing more Looney Tunes / DC Universe crossovers this summer. All new issues will be released on August 29th, 2018 and will feature 48 pages of story that includes a bonus backup in each comic for $4.99.

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The Joker Returns in Batman #13 – “Death of the Family”

GUESS WHO’S BACK…?Death of The Family Promo

Press release

This October, one of the most notorious villains in comic book history is making his return to DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. In the new storyline, “Death of the Family,” The Joker will come out of the dark in a horrifying, unnerving, and huge way. And the grave consequences of his reemergence will be felt by not only the Bat-family, but by all of Gotham City.

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Batman: Death by Design GN Interior Art Preview

BM-DEATH_DESIGNDC Comics gives us a look inside their new Batman original graphic novel, Batman: Death by Design by writer/designer Chip Kidd and artist Dave Taylor. The story is set around the architecture and design of Gotham City and features Batman and his nemesis, The Joker.

Set against the period backdrop of an expansive Gotham City construction boom, the unique take on the Batman mythology is brought to life by acclaimed writer/designer Chip Kidd and fan favorite artist Dave Taylor. Together, they weave a singular tale that captures the flavor of the city as it’s never been seen, while also creating an new look at Batman that re-imagines both the caped crusader and his iconic nemesis – the Joker.

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What If Pablo Picasso Painted Superheroes?

Pablo Picasso Superheroes and Villains!

Superheroes in a Picasso style by Mike EsparzaMany different artists have given us their interpretations of superheroes and supervillains over the years. We’ve seen hundreds of artists work on long established characters such as Superman, Batman, Captain America, and The Joker. But imagine if an artist like Pablo Picasso tried his hand at those characters?

Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer. Mike Esparza gives us his interpretation of what those characters would look like if the master painter Pablo Picasso had decided to paint them. The attention to the detailed marriage of Picasso’s style and the characters’ likeness and costume is what makes his interpretations so great.

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Jerry Robinson, a comic book legend, dead at 89


 Jerry Robinson, the legendary comic book artist who is credited with creating Batman’s archenemy The Joker, passed away in his sleep on Wednesday night. He was 89.

Discovered by Batman creator Bob Kane in 1939, Robinson was a 17 year old journalism student at Columbia University when Kane hired him to work on his Batman book as an inker and letterer.

Bob Kane later claimed that he and writer Bill Finger came up with the idea for The Joker, however, most historians credit Jerry Robinson with the creation of the character. Robinson was also influential in the creation or Robin the Boy Wonder, Alfred the butler, and Two-Face.

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