Legendary Artist Nick Cardy Dies at 93

Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013)

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons

Comics creator Nick Cardy at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, April 20, 2008. © Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons


Nick Cardy, the legendary artist best known for his DC Comics work from the 1950s through the 1970s, passed away at age 93. His work on the Teen Titans and Aquaman helped define each series. We are all saddened by his passing.

Find out more about Nick Cardy (Nicholas Viscardi) and his work here.

DC Comics has issued a statement which you can find below.

We’ve put together a gallery of Nick Cardy’s work on various DC Comics covers over his career which spanned several decades.

Rest in Peace, Nick Cardy (1920 – 2013).

DC Comics Press Release

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Nick Cardy, one of the industry’s greatest artists. A talented draftsman with a knack for layout and energetic cover design, Cardy’s art leapt off the page and helped redefine some of DC Comics’ most lasting characters for a new age.

Like many early comic pros, Cardy began his career working under the tutelage of the legendary Will Eisner, as part of the Eisner and Iger studio. But it was his arrival at DC Comics in 1950 that saw the artist begin to show signs of the legend that would soon form around him.

Cardy’s smooth line and dynamic sense of action graced the first appearance of the Teen Titans in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60, not to mention almost 40 issues of AQUAMAN during the character’s initial Silver Age solo series.

Cardy continued his relationship with DC’s teen team for the entirety of TEEN TITANS 43-issue Silver Age run, redefining the collection of sidekicks through his innovative and yet still classical brushstroke, with a dash of post-modernist design and 60s swagger.

Cardy was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2005.

“We’ve lost one of the artistic pillars here at DC,” said Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment. “Nick’s work on Aquaman, Teen Titans and beyond helped define how we look at these characters today. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and many fans.”

“Nick Cardy was a wonderful artist and person, but I’ll always remember his amazing covers,” said Dan DiDio, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher. “From the classic “Is This My Foe?” AQUAMAN #42 image that featured a victorious Black Manta hoisting Aquaman above him to the first appearance of the Teen Titans, Cardy just knew how to get a reader’s attention – and that is a talent that can never be understated. He was my definitive DC cover artist for the 60s.”

“Nick Cardy’s work helped define some of the things we see in comics today and take for granted,” said Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher. “He broke out of the mold in terms of covers and layout and created a truly interactive experience for the reader that directly points back to his time with the Eisner studio. His versions of Aquaman, the Teen Titans and Bat Lash – to name a few – remain iconic today. Our sympathies go out to his family during this difficult time.”


Nick Cardy Cover Gallery


Action Comics V1938 #409 - Who Is Clark Kent's Killer -- and Why Is He Doing Those Terrible Things to Me_ (1972_2) - Page 1Secret Six #2 - Page 1Showcase V1956 #32 - The Creature King of the Sea (1961_6) - Page 1Showcase V1956 #59 - The Return of the Teen Titans (1965_12) - Page 1Showcase V1956 #76 - Bat Lash! (1968_8) - Page 1Superman V1939 #261 - Slave of the Star Sapphire! (1973_2) - Page 1Superman V1939 #269 - Can You Guess Who Found Eight Different Ways to Kill Superman_ (1973_11) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #1 - The Beast-God of Xochatan (1966_2) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #4 - The Secret Olympic Heroes (1966_8) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #14 - Requiem for a Titan (1968_4) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #15 - Captain Rumble Blasts the Scene (1968_6) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #16 - The Dimensional Caper (1968_8) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #17 - Holy Thimbles, it's the Mad Mod (1968_10) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #21 - Citadel Of Fear (1969_6) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #22 - Halfway To Holocaust (1969_8) - Page 1Teen Titans V1966 #23 - The Rock n Roll Rogue (1969_10) - Page 1The Brave and the Bold V1955 #60 - The Astounding Separated Man (1965_7) - Page 1The Flash V1959 #214 (1972_4) - Page 1The Flash V1959 #219 - The Million Dollar Deathtrap; The Fate of an Archer (1973_1) - Page 1The Flash V1959 #221 - Time-Schedule for Disaster!; Death-Threat on Titan! (1973_5) - Page 1The Flash V1959 #222 - The Heart That Attacked The World (1973_8) - Page 1The Flash V1959 #227 - Flash-- This Is Your Death!; My Ring... My Enemy! (1974_6) - Page 1Wonder Woman V1942 #205 - Target Wonder Woman (1973_4) - Page 1Wonder Woman V1942 #206 - War of the Wonder Women (1973_7) - Page 1Wonder Woman V1942 #216 - Paradise in Peril! (1975_3) - Page 1World's Finest Comics V1941 #212 - ...And So My World Begins! ; The Outland Pirates ; Underworld Jam Session! (1972_6) - Page 1World's Finest Comics V1941 #213 - Peril in a Very Small Place! (1972_9) - Page 1Action Comics V1938 #418 - The Attack of the Phantom Super-Foes (1972_11) - Page 1Action Comics V1938 #437 - Magic Is Bustin' Out All Over (1974_7) - Page 1Action Comics V1938 #440 - Kal-El You Are No Longer Our Son! You Have Betrayed Krypton, The World of Your Birth! _ In This Issue _ Action-Plus With_ Green Arrow. (1974_10) - Page 1Action Comics V1938 #444 - Beware the Hero-Killers_The Black Canary is Dead (1975_2) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #1 - The Invasion of the Fire-Trolls! (1962_2) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #18 - The Wife of Aquaman (1964_11) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #28 - Dig the New King of Atlantis! (1966_8) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #30 - The Death Of Aquaman (1966_11) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #37 - When the Sea Dies... (1968_2) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #42 - _Is This My Foe__ (1968_11) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #44 - Underworld Reward (1969_3) - Page 1Aquaman V1962 #50 - Can This Be Death_ (1970_3) - Page 1Batman V1940 #260 - This One'll Kill You, Batman; The Grade A Crimes; The Perfect Crime; The Pearl Of Peril (1975_1) - Page 1Challengers of the Unknown #73 - The Curse of the Killer Time Forgot! (1970_5) - Page 1House of Mystery V1951 #93 (1959_12) - Page 1House of Mystery V1951 #171 - The Micro-Monsters!; The Martian Marauders (1967_12) - Page 1Justice League of America V1960 #103 - A Stranger Walks Among Us! (1972_12) - Page 1Justice League of America V1960 #106 - Wolf in the Fold! (1973_8) - Page 1Justice League of America V1960 #108 - Thirteen Against the Earth! (1973_11) - Page 1Justice League of America V1960 #109 - The Doom of the Divided Man! (1974_1) - Page 1Planet Comics V1940 #9 - Invasion From Uranus (1940_11) - Page 1Rip Hunter Time Master #6 (2010) - Page 1152191522715231


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