DC Releases More Looney Tunes / DC Universe Specials This Summer






DC Comics is releasing more Looney Tunes / DC Universe crossovers this summer. All new issues will be released on August 29th, 2018 and will feature 48 pages of story that includes a bonus backup in each comic for $4.99.

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Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job Coming in March

‘Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job’
Puts the ‘Con’ Back in ‘Convention’

Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job #1

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Matt Brady and artist Dominike Stanton take on conventions in Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job #1 coming in March 2015 from BOOM! Studios.


Press Release

What do you do when you’re a down-on-your-luck, Hollywood has-been? Steal the show—literally! This March, award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce the debut of Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job, a new limited series in the vein of Ocean’s 11 meets Galaxy Quest from writers Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn) and Matt Brady (Buck Rogers), and artist Dominike “Domo” Stanton (Deadpool).

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Women of Marvel Variants Arrive in March

Women of Marvel Variants Come to Your Favorite Marvel Comics This March!

Amazing Spider-Man #16 Doyle WOM Variant

This year, Marvel celebrates Women’s History Month by featuring variant covers by 20 very talented female artists in March.


Press Release

This March, Marvel is celebrating Women’s History Month by gathering some of the best and brightest female artists to tackle some of Marvel’s most iconic characters for a very special variant cover theme. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at a selection of March’s Women of Marvel Variant Covers!

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BEFORE WATCHMEN Images From Buzzfeed and DC Comics

BEFORE WATCHMEN Interiors & Character Designs!The Comedian

Buzzfeed was invited into DC Comics Headquarters and given a look at some Before Watchmen interiors and character designs. They took photos and made them available online.

Here are some of the pages from DC Editorial’s three ring binder that were released today.

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Preview of Pigs #3 (Image)

Pigs #3

Pigs by Nate Cosby, Ben McCool, and Breno Tamura is one of the best mystery/espionage books to come out in a long time. If you haven’t picked up the first two issues, check out your local comic shop – they may still have some copies on hand.

Here is a 9 page preview of Pigs #3. You can also find a preview of Pigs #2 here if you haven’t picked it up yet.

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