DC Releases More Looney Tunes / DC Universe Specials This Summer






DC Comics is releasing more Looney Tunes / DC Universe crossovers this summer. All new issues will be released on August 29th, 2018 and will feature 48 pages of story that includes a bonus backup in each comic for $4.99.

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Preview: Red Hood and The Outlaws: Rebirth #1 by Lobdell & Soy

Red Hood and The Outlaws: Rebirth #1 Preview (DC)

Red Hood and The Outlaws: Rebirth #1


Here’s a short preview of Red Hood and The Outlaws: Rebirth #1 by writer Scott Lobdell, artist Dexter Soy, & colorist Veronica Gandini on sale July 27th, 2016 from DC Comics.

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Preview: The Four Points #1 by Lobdell & Gunderson

The Four Points #1 Preview (Aspen)

The Four Points #1


Here’s a short preview of covers and art from The Four Points #1 by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Jordan Gunderson, on sale April 8th, 2015 from Aspen Comics.



Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

Something dark is coming…

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The Four Points by Lobdell & Gunderson Arrives in April

All-Female Team Book THE FOUR POINTS On the Horizon from Aspen Comics

The Four Points

This April, Aspen Comics is releasing a new all-female team book, The Four Points, written by industry veteran Scott Lobdell and penciled by Jordan Gunderson. Here’s your first look at several covers from the debut issue, The Four Points #1.


Press Release

On April 8th, 2015 Aspen Comics will debut their new series The Four Points written by Scott Lobdell (The Scourge, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and penciled by Jordan Gunderson (Fathom Annual) with colors by Valentina Pinto (Damsels In Excess).

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Preview: Teen Titans #19 – Trigon!

First Look At Teen Titans #19

Teen Titans #19

Here is a preview of Teen Titans #19 by Scott Lobdell, Eddy Barrows, & Eber Ferreira on sale April 24th, 2013 courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Press Release

In TEEN TITANS #19, Red Robin finds his motives being questioned by his team after they felt betrayed by his leadership. And after the danger Tim Drake put them in, will his team able to stay by his side?

Meanwhile, Trigon is on the loose in New York City and the Teen Titans will need to turn to Cassie to strategize against him. But what does Trigon want with the Titans? And what do Raven and Beast Boy have to do with all of this?

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Review: Superman #0 (DC)

Superman #0 Review

Superman #0 CoverWriter: Scott Lobdell
Art: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorist: Sunny Gho
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Cover Art: Kenneth Rocafort
Editor: Eddie Berganza

Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Date: Nov 2012
Cover Price: $2.99 US

Title: “Every End has a Beginning”

Where’s Lara?

As frustrating as it was to hear that a third creative team would be taking over Superman in a year, I did not want to set this book down once I started reading.  Scott Lobdell hit a Kryptonian home run with this issue, in which we are introduced to the New 52 Jor-El and Lara, DC’s first power couple. While everyone knows the fate of the doomed planet, this story is more about who Ma and Pa El were, as a couple, and how they dealt with adversity.

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DC Comics New 52 Preview: Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth

DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans #1 Preview


DC Comics continues their New 52 rollout previews – this time it’s Teen Titans #1, courtesy of USA Today. You can find a lengthy article about the re-launched Teen Titans here.

Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund is available for digital download or print form at your local comics shop on Wednesday September 28th, 2011 for $2.99.

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DC Comics New 52 Preview: Superboy #1


Blastr, part of the SYFY online network, was given the exclusive preview of Superboy #1 this week. DC is currently promoting their relaunch across many different media outlets and between Legion Lost and Superboy, they are targeting the science fiction crowd.

Superboy #1 is written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by RB Silva and Rob Lean and will be available on Wednesday September 14th, 2011.

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