Alan Moore Interview on BBC’s HARDTalk

Alan Moore Interviewed on BBC’s HARDTalkhard

Alan Moore was recently interviewed by Tom Franks on BBC TV’s HARDtalk for almost a half-hour. The stream, which is usually only available in the UK, is now able to be seen by an international audience.

In the interview, Moore’s work is examined and he touches upon a few different subjects, such as: his work in graphic novels, V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes masks, Watchmen, Lost Girls, Before Watchmen, and his disillusionment with the comics industry, to name a few.

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BEFORE WATCHMEN Arrives Summer 2012 from DC Entertainment

Seven Before Watchmen Titles Announced!


Today DC Entertainment made official that they will publish all-new stories expanding on the Watchmen universe this summer. Before Watchmen will be the collective banner for all seven titles in the project.

After months of leaked rumors and denials by DC, the “Watchmen 2” project and it’s titles were finally made public. Most of the rumors turned out to be true.

The seven titles that comprise Before Watchmen are as follows:

  • RORSCHACH (4 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: Lee Bermejo
  • MINUTEMEN (6 issues) – Writer/Artist: Darwyn Cooke
  • COMEDIAN (6 issues) – Writer: Brian Azzarello. Artist: J.G. Jones
  • DR. MANHATTAN (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist: Adam Hughes
  • NITE OWL (4 issues) – Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Artists: Andy and Joe Kubert
  • OZYMANDIAS (6 issues) – Writer: Len Wein. Artist: Jae Lee
  • SILK SPECTRE (4 issues) – Writer: Darwyn Cooke. Artist: Amanda Conner

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Watchmen 2 News And Rumors Start To Leak

Watchmen 2 Projects In The Works

Peanuts Watchmen by Evan Shaner

Image by Evan Shaner

Rich Johnston and Bleeding Cool always seem to get the secretive news first. Whether it’s a new project by a certain creator or the goings on behind the scenes at a major publisher, you can count on Rich Johnston to get the word out. This time, the rumors about Watchmen 2 are starting to flow and it won’t be long before it turns into a flood that inundates the comic book news sites and forums.

Back in 2010, Bleeding Cool had a piece about the Watchmen 2 project coming back to the table after Paul Levitz stepped down as both President and Publisher and that Alan Moore had been approached about Watchmen. He turned it down and the project slowly faded away.

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Comics in the mid-1980’s and now

Recently I’ve been thinking back to the days of when I started collecting comics. I wasn’t just collecting them, I was reading just about everything that I could afford to get my hands on. This would be roughly around 1984 or so.

Watchmen V1986 #1I would go out to my local bookstore to get my comics off the rack. Even though this store carried just about all the issues published by Marvel and DC at the time, they were all jammed together in a makeshift rack at the front of the store. This rack had several different levels but they were close together, which made pulling out a comic, without bending the spine in multiple places, a very tricky affair.

That didn’t matter, because not only did this store carry a lot of titles, they also carried Marvel Trade paperbacks and Graphic Novels. All along the front of the store.

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