Watchmen 2 News And Rumors Start To Leak

Watchmen 2 Projects In The Works

Peanuts Watchmen by Evan Shaner

Image by Evan Shaner

Rich Johnston and Bleeding Cool always seem to get the secretive news first. Whether it’s a new project by a certain creator or the goings on behind the scenes at a major publisher, you can count on Rich Johnston to get the word out. This time, the rumors about Watchmen 2 are starting to flow and it won’t be long before it turns into a flood that inundates the comic book news sites and forums.

Back in 2010, Bleeding Cool had a piece about the Watchmen 2 project coming back to the table after Paul Levitz stepped down as both President and Publisher and that Alan Moore had been approached about Watchmen. He turned it down and the project slowly faded away.

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