Preview of Miracleman #3 by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, and Garry Leach

A Legend Reborn – Your First Look at MIRACLEMAN #3!

Miracleman #3

Here’s a preview of the newly re-mastered Miracleman #3 by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, and Garry Leach, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale February 26th, 2014.

Alan Moore is credited an as “The original writer” by Marvel.


Press Release

It’s the story everyone is talking about – and today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the newly remastered MIRACLEMAN #3! The series that changed comics forever has finally returned to comic shops – and now is your chance to experience these stories like never before!

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Alan Moore’s UNEARTHING Exclusive Signed & Numbered Hardcover Edition

UNEARTHING by Alan Moore!Alan Moore

Press release

Top Shelf Productions and Knockabout Comics are truly pleased to announce a project several years in the making: a sumptuous new book from Alan Moore, serving as a biography of his close friend and mentor Steve Moore (no relation), a history of London, a mystical journey, and a tribute to human imagination. Called by The New York Times a "poetic and densely allusive text," Unearthing has now been transformed by Alan Moore and photographer Mitch Jenkins into a stunning narrative art-book.

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Alan Moore Interview on BBC’s HARDTalk

Alan Moore Interviewed on BBC’s HARDTalkhard

Alan Moore was recently interviewed by Tom Franks on BBC TV’s HARDtalk for almost a half-hour. The stream, which is usually only available in the UK, is now able to be seen by an international audience.

In the interview, Moore’s work is examined and he touches upon a few different subjects, such as: his work in graphic novels, V for Vendetta, Guy Fawkes masks, Watchmen, Lost Girls, Before Watchmen, and his disillusionment with the comics industry, to name a few.

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Preview: Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland Hardcover Graphic Novel

Harvey Pekar’s Last Graphic Novel Ships in March 2012

Harvey Pekar's ClevelandIn March 2012, Zip Comics and Top Shelf Productions are co-publishing Harvey Pekar’s last graphic novel entitled Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland illustrated by Joseph Remnant.

Harvey Pekar (1939-2010) was an autobiographical comics pioneer and lifelong resident of Cleveland, Ohio. His critically acclaimed series, American Splendor, began in 1976 and spawned a film of the same name with Paul Giamatti as Pekar himself.

Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland is a 128 page black and white hardcover graphic novel  written by Harvey Pekar and illustrated by Joseph Remnant. It measures 9.3” x 7.3”  and includes an introduction by Alan Moore for $21.99 US. The book will be available in comics shops and bookstores in March 2012.

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