First Look: Bloodshot #25 by Milligan & LaRosa

First Look: Milligan and LaRosa Lead Off BLOODSHOT #25 – An Anniversary Blowout!

Bloodshot #25

Here’s your first look at Bloodshot #25 by writer Peter Milligan & artist Lewis LaRosa, on sale November 5th, 2014 from Valiant Comics.


Press Release

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of BLOODSHOT #25 – a 48-page anniversary blowout featuring a murderer’s row of comics talents from throughout the bullet-riddled history of Valiant’s most brutal, most relentless hero!
Meet the man behind Bloodshot – or is he? – when one soldier’s untapped killer instinct takes over in “Bloodshot: The Glitch” – a feature-sized lead tale of blood, guts, and heart by Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX)!

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First Look: Bloodshot #25 – The Star-Studded Anniversary Issue

BLOODSHOT #25 – Milligan, LaRosa, Chaykin, Swierczynski, & More Assault Valiant’s Giant-Sized Anniversary Blowout in November!

Bloodshot #25

Here’s your first look at the super-sized, star-studded, 48 page anniversary issue of Bloodshot #25, coming in November 2014 from Valiant Comics.


Press Release

In the tradition of X-O MANOWAR #25, HARBINGER #25, and ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #25… a murderer’s row of all-star talents is going all-in for an oversized, 48-page anniversary blowout chronicling the classified history of Valiant’s most dangerous, most brutal, most relentless hero – BLOODSHOT!

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First Look: Archer & Armstrong #25 – Giant-Sized Anniversary Issue

A Giant-Sized Anniversary Hullabaloo!

Archer & Armstrong #25

Here’s your first look at Archer & Armstrong #25 – A giant-sized anniversary issue – on sale October 29th, 2014 from Valiant Comics.


Press Release

This October, somebody call the fire marshall because ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #25’s epic rager is about to get out of control!

Valiant is proud to announce that New York Times best-selling writer John Layman (Chew, Detective Comics) will join red-hot artists Joe Eisma (Morning Glories), Khari Evans (Harbinger), Andy Kuhn (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Ramon Villalobos (Original Sins) as the latest colossal talents stepping on board ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #25 – October’s oversized, 48-page anniversary celebration of Valiant’s conspiracy-smashing, globe-trotting adventure duo!

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Previews: Jack Hammer #4 & Scum Of The Earth #1 (Action Lab)

Action Lab Releases for July 2nd, 2014!

Scum Of The Earth #1

Here are previews of two Action Lab Entertainment books on sale July 2nd, 2014 – Jack Hammer #4 by Brandon Barrows & Ionic and Scum of the Earth #1 by Mark Bertolini & Rob Croonenborghs.


JACK HAMMER #4 (of 4)

Writer(s): Brandon Barrows
Artist Name(s): Ionic
Cover Artist(s): Ionic

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First Look: Harbinger #25 Anniversary Spectacular (Valiant)

First Look: July’s Massive HARBINGER #25 Anniversary Spectacular

Harbinger #25

and More to All-Star Line-Up!


Here’s your extensive first look at the 48 page Harbinger #25 anniversary spectacular by an all-star lineup of creators – coming July 16th, 2014 from Valiant Comics.


Press Release

Hot on the heels of this month’s X-O MANOWAR #25, Valiant is gearing up to celebrate yet another precedent-setting milestone for the most daring and real team of teenage superheroes in comics today – the Harbinger Renegades!
Just as “DEATH OF A RENEGADE” steals one of the team away in today’s HARBINGER #23, Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of HARBINGER #25 – July’s oversized, 48-page anniversary spectacular, capping off the first two years of Joshua Dysart’s widely acclaimed vision of superpowers in the real world, and a direct introduction to a bold new year of Harbinger beginning with August’s HARBINGER: OMEGAS #1 (of 3)!

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First Look at X-O Manowar #25 By An All-Star Cast Of Creators


X-O Manowar #25

Here’s a preview of X-O Manowar #25 by an all-star cast of writers and artists, courtesy of Valiant Comics – on sale May 21st, 2014.


Press Release

Before ARMOR HUNTERS strikes this summer, discover the life and times of Valiant’s armored champion with an all-star anniversary celebration that’s getting bigger by the minute!

Valiant is proud to announce that May’s X-O MANOWAR #25 – an oversized anniversary spectacular leading directly into June’s massive ARMOR HUNTERS crossover event – is adding even more creative firepower to an already jam-packed roster of superstar talents for X-O Manowar’s biggest milestone issue ever!

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