Executive Assistant: Iris (vol. 3) #1 Kicks Off EXECUTIVE EXTINCTION in December

Executive Assistant: Iris #1 Preview!

Executive Assistant: Iris (vol. 3) #1

Here is a 4 page preview of Executive Assistant: Iris (vol. 3) #1, by David Wohl, Alex Lei, & Teo Gonzalez, which begins the “Executive Extinction” crossover event from Aspen Comics – on sale December 19th, 2012.

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Avengers #1 Promotional Video From Marvel Comics

Marvel NOW! – Avengers #1 Preview Video

Avengers #1

Avengers #1, by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena, arrives in stores this Wednesday, December 5th. Today Marvel Comics has released a promotional video for the first issue of the series which you’ll find below.

You can also find a 4 page First Look at Avengers #1 here.

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Preview: Soulfire Vol. 4 #3 (Aspen)

First Look at Soulfire Vol. 4 #3

Soulfire Vol. 4 #3

Today we have a 4 page preview of Soulfire (v4) #3, by J.T. Krul, Mike DeBalfo, & Nei Ruffino, on sale December 12th, 2012 from our friends at Aspen Comics.



SOULFIRE (vol 4) #3

J.T. Krul – Story / Mike DeBalfo – Art / Nei Ruffino

Michael Turner’s epic fantasy adventure surges forward into a new era!

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First Look at Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena

Marvel NOW! – AVENGERS #1 First Look!Avengers #1

Here we have a 4 page first look at Avengers #1, by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena, from Marvel Comics on sale December 5th, 2012.

Press release

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Avengers #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from the blockbuster creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman, artist Jerome Opena and colorist Dean White! The greatest heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team! Now shipping twice a month, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer? Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW!

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Advance Preview: Archer & Armstrong #5 – Eternal Warrior Debuts

The Wrath of the ETERNAL WARRIOR!

Eternal Warrior

We present a 5 page preview of Archer & Armstrong #5 featuring the debut of the Eternal Warrior, by Fred Van Lente & Emanuela Lupacchino, from Valiant Comics on sale December 12th, 2012.

Since their return to publishing, Valiant Comics has been knocking it out of the park with great stories and art across their entire line of books!

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James O’Barr Returns With “The Crow: Skinning The Wolves” in December

James O’Barr Returns to Comics
with a New CROW Series!

The Crow - Skinning The Wolves

The Spirit of Vengeance Goes on a Time-Traveling Journey
This December


Press release

IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce that The Crow’s original creator, James O’Barr will be launching a brand-new story featuring the vengeful avian guide, THE CROW: SKINNING THE WOLVES, a three-issue miniseries set to debut this December. Fans of O’Barr’s dark signature style will be delighted to see him backed by co-artist Jim Terry with a story woven of the same supernatural mystique that made The Crow a favorite of fans worldwide.

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PIRATE EYE – A Pirate Noir Adventure – Sets Sail in December From Action Lab


Pirate Eye

Avast, Mateys!  Pirate Noir Adventure awaits you this December in “Pirate Eye” from Action Lab Entertainment!

Here’s a 5 page preview of Pirate Eye, a new one-shot adventure by Joe Grahn & Carl Yonder, from Action Lab Comics – on sale in December 2012.

Press release

Join ex-pirate and now high-seas detective Smitty as he searches for a beautiful yet elusive lass who has stolen the heart of an influential politician. But can he find her before her deadly secret is discovered? Blimey!

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Mara – A New Series by Brian Wood & Ming Doyle Arrives in December From Image


MaraNew series by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle offers new take on superpowers

Press release

In December, Image Comics will publish the first issue of MARA, a new series by acclaimed writer Brian Wood and brilliant up-and-coming artist Ming Doyle. In a hyper-technological future where sports, war, and celebrity are the world’s obsessions, no one is more famous than Mara Prince. A model and athlete regarded as a paragon, Mara rises to an untouchable height of fame when she manifests superpowers on live television.

For Wood (Northlanders, Conan the Barbarian, DMZ), the connection between athlete and superhero is a natural one. "For a while I’ve seen a connection between superstar athletes and superheroes, both superficially and also in how each can be portrayed and dissected, lauded, and demonized by the societies they serve," he said, adding that the pressure to perform perfectly can be tremendous for young athletes. "

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Shadowman #2 First Look Preview

Mr. Twist Dials Up The Darkness In SHADOWMAN #2

Shadowman #2

Here’s your first look 6 page preview of Shadowman #2 by Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher. The inked artwork by Patrick Zircher is simply amazing!

With Jordan writing the story and Zircher doing the illustrations, this is one title that simply must be added to your pull list. If you like this book, please let your local shop know.

Press release

Valiant is proud to present an advance, inked preview of Shadowman #2 by red-hot creator Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) and comics superstar Patrick Zircher (Captain America)! The eagerly anticipated debut of Shadowman in the Valiant Universe continues as New Orleans falls prey to a madman of unspeakable power!

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