The Crow: Curare #2 By James O’Barr & Antoine Dodé – Preview

The Crow: Curare #2 Preview!

The Crow: Curare #2

Here is a 7 page preview of The Crow: Curare #2 by James O’Barr & Antoine Dodé from IDW Publishing, on sale July 24th, 2013.

The Crow: Curare #2 (of 3)

James O’Barr (w) • Antoine Dodé (a) • O’Barr (c)

Detective Joe Salk’s obssession with the dead girl escalates into fury and misguided rage, as hints of the childs identity are revealed. A bitter rain becomes a hurricane of violence and sadness.

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Preview: The Crow #5 (IDW) by John Shirley & Kyle Hotz

The Crow #5 Preview

The Crow #5

Here is a preview of The Crow #5, by John Shirley & Kyle Hotz, on sale November 21st, 2012 from IDW Publishing.

The Crow #5 (of 5)

John Shirley (w) • Kyle Hotz (a & c)

“There Are Many Hells.” The Crow in Tokyo. The Crow searching for the stolen soul of his lost love—the search taking him on a blood-red trail of vengeance. In order to set her free, the Crow must now do important things, like descend into the layered hell of Japanese Buddhist mythology. Then he must find the living body of his beloved… and kill it. The Crow’s return concludes in explosive fashion here!

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James O’Barr Returns With “The Crow: Skinning The Wolves” in December

James O’Barr Returns to Comics
with a New CROW Series!

The Crow - Skinning The Wolves

The Spirit of Vengeance Goes on a Time-Traveling Journey
This December


Press release

IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce that The Crow’s original creator, James O’Barr will be launching a brand-new story featuring the vengeful avian guide, THE CROW: SKINNING THE WOLVES, a three-issue miniseries set to debut this December. Fans of O’Barr’s dark signature style will be delighted to see him backed by co-artist Jim Terry with a story woven of the same supernatural mystique that made The Crow a favorite of fans worldwide.

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Preview of The Crow #3 (IDW) by John Shirley & Kevin Colden

Preview of The Crow #3

The Crow

Here is an 8 page preview of The Crow #3, written by John Shirley & illustrated by Kevin Colden, from IDW Publishing on sale September 5th. The Crow #3 features a cover by Kyle Hotz.

The Crow #3 (of 5)
John Shirley (w) • Kevin Colden (a) • Kyle Hotz (c)

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Preview of The Crow #1 (IDW) by Kevin Colden

Early Look at THE CROW #1 From IDW!tumblr_m2e4xwz81Y1rojbapo3_1280

This July, IDW is publishing The Crow, written by co-screenwriter of The Crow and novelist (Everything is Broken) John Shirley and illustrated by Kevin Colden.

Here are five unlettered and uncolored pages from The Crow #1, including two covers, courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The first cover is by Kyle Hotz and the second is by Ashley Wood. There will also be variant covers (not shown) by Kent Williams and James O’Barr!

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