First Look at Secret Avengers #1 by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh

A Team Divided – Your First Look at SECRET AVENGERS #1!

Secret Avengers #1


Marvel NOW! continues with your first look at Secret Avengers #1, written by Ales Kot and drawn by Michael Walsh, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale March 12th, 2014.


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This March, run the mission, don’t get seen, save the world. The covert branch of Earth’s Mightiest is back with a new mission, new enemies, and even deadlier threats. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SECRET AVENGERS #1 from the critically acclaimed creative team of Ales Kot and Michael Walsh!

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Preview: Secret Avengers #27 (Unlettered)

Your First Look At SECRET AVENGERS #27   An AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Tie-In!

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Marvel is proud to present your first look at, Secret Avengers #27, an explosive tie-in to the critically acclaimed blockbuster event of the year – Avengers VS. X-Men!

From the red-hot team of Rick Remender & Renato Guedes, Captain Marvel is reborn to unite all Kree across the galaxy! But, as the Kree rally – Thor and his team must face off against Captain Marvel, The Protector & Ms. Marvel in an attempt to halt the Phoenix Force!

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Preview: Secret Avengers #25 (Unlettered)

Your First Look At SECRET AVENGERS #25Secret Avengers 25 Cover


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Marvel is proud to present your first look at Secret Avengers #25, from the red-hot creative team of Rick Remender & Gabriel Hardman. The Descendants live by a simple creed: Serve Father. Protect The Core. Kill all Avengers! Against all odds, it’s up to Hawkeye’s fractured team to stop this superhuman threat from achieving their sole objective–contagious robotic evolution!

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Preview of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Covers for June 2012

Marvel Unveils New AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Covers!


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The war to save the Marvel Universe continues this June as the Avengers go head to head against the X-Men while the all-powerful Phoenix Force hurtles towards Earth!

You’ve heard It’s Coming—and this April The War Is Here in Avengers VS X-Men! All your favorite super heroes enter—and only one team will emerge victorious!

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Advance Preview of Secret Avengers #20 (Marvel)

Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers #20 features the Black Widow on a top secret mission to save the team. Fan favorite artist Alex Maleev joins Warren Ellis on his critically acclaimed run on the title.

Secret Avengers #20, written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Alex Maleev, features a cover by John Cassaday and is available in stores on Wednesday December 28th, 2011.

Here is an early peek at the unlettered artwork by Alex Maleev and the cover by John Cassaday.

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Remender & Hardman Join Secret Avengers, The Runaways Return, Teaser Artwork!

More News and Teasers From NYCC ‘11!


Rick Remender (Venom, Uncanny X-Force) and Gabriel Hardman (Hulk) are teaming up to take on the the Secret Avengers starting with Secret Avengers #22. Remender actually is taking over writing duties with Secret Avengers #21.1 and will be joined by Hardman in issue #22. This must be one confusing book if it requires TWO Point One jumping on points in a year!

In Thunderbolts #171, the current team will confront the original Thunderbolts with a cover by Mark Bagley, who drew the original series; Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey will be doing their usual great job inside the book.

The Runaways may or may not be joining the Avengers Academy in a two issue story arc by Christos Gage. We will find out the outcome in Avengers Academy #27 in March, 2012.

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