Preview: Darkseid Special #1 – A Jack Kirby 100 One-Shot (DC)

Darkseid Special #1 Preview (DC)

Darkseid Special #1


Here’s a short preview of Darkseid Special #1, with a main story by Mark Evanier & Scott Kolins, on sale August 30th, 2017 from DC Comics.

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First Look: The Shield #2 – Daughter of the Revolution, Part 2

The Original Patriotic Hero Returns This February in THE SHIELD #2!

The Shield #2


Here’s a short first look at The Shield #2 by Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Al Barrionuevo, Rachel Deering, & Kelly Fitzpatrick, on sale February 17th, 2016 from Dark Circle Comics.

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Preview: The Fox #3 (Dark Circle)

The Fox #3 Preview

The Fox #3


Here’s a five page preview of The Fox #3 by Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid, Rachel Deering, and Alan Passalaqua, on sale June 10th, 2015 from Dark Circle Comics.



Plot: Dean Haspiel
Art: Dean Haspiel, Rachel Deering, Alan Passalaqua
Script: Mark Waid
Cover: Dean Haspiel
Fox-Hunted Variant Cover: Steve Rude
Prowling Variant Cover: Chris Samnee
Hunter and Prey Variant Cover: T.Rex


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Preview: Dark Horse Presents #12

Dark Horse Presents #12 Preview!DHP #12

This week a great issue of Dark Horse Presents hits the shelves!

Not only does Dark Horse Presents #12 feature a brand new Aliens story by John Layman and Sam Kieth. but it includes the return of Mister X by Dean Motter and Nexus by Mike Baron and Steve Rude! Awesome stuff.

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