First Look: The Shield #2 – Daughter of the Revolution, Part 2

The Original Patriotic Hero Returns This February in THE SHIELD #2!

The Shield #2


Here’s a short first look at The Shield #2 by Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Al Barrionuevo, Rachel Deering, & Kelly Fitzpatrick, on sale February 17th, 2016 from Dark Circle Comics.


Press Release

As Victoria Adams finds herself on the run in present day Washington D.C., dark secrets are revealed about her origins tied to the birth of the United States! With her memories gone and facing attacks from all sides, just whose side is THE SHIELD really on? Writers Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig connect with artists Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Al Barrionuevo, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick and letterer Rachel Deering to bring the next thrilling issue of THE SHIELD to life!

Promising further reveals as to the mystery of The Shield’s origin, co-writer Adam Christopher explained, “With issue 2 we not only reveal another slice of the Shield’s 1776 origin, but we find out a little more about the factions who have been waiting for her arrival today – and the Shield has a big decision to make.”

Co-writer Chuck Wendig says THE SHIELD #2, “goes a little deeper both into The Shield herself, and the Secret History of the United States — a secret history whose origins are tied explicitly to the Shield’s own beginning.”



Script: Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig
Art: Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Al Barrionuevo, Rachel Deering, Kelly Fitzpatrick
The Shield #2 CVR A Reg: David Williams
The Shield #2 CVR B Variant: Steve Rude
The Shield #2 CVR C Variant: Evan Shaner
The Shield #2 CVR D Variant: Wilfredo Torres

“Daughter of the Revolution, Part 2”

Running out of places to hide, the Shield discovers she is not without allies. Detective Nicole Simmons seems to know exactly who—and what—the Shield is, but with the enigmatic government agent Walter Chase closing the noose, the pair faces two difficult questions: why is the Shield back now… and whose side is she really on?

On Sale Date: 2/17

32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


The Shield #2 CoverThe Shield #2 Cover - ShanerThe Shield #2 Cover - TorresThe Shield #2 Cover - RudeThe Shield #2 Preview 1The Shield #2 Preview 2The Shield #2 Preview 3

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