DC Comics New 52 Preview: Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth

DC Comics New 52 Teen Titans #1 Preview


DC Comics continues their New 52 rollout previews – this time it’s Teen Titans #1, courtesy of USA Today. You can find a lengthy article about the re-launched Teen Titans here.

Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund is available for digital download or print form at your local comics shop on Wednesday September 28th, 2011 for $2.99.

Here is a five page preview of Teen Titans #1!

Teen Titans #1 (2011) cover

Teen Titans #1 (2011) page 1

Teen Titans #1 (2011) page 2

Teen Titans #1 (2011) page 3

Teen Titans #1 (2011) page 4-5

– The Comic Book Critic

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