Preview: The Mighty TPB (Dark Horse)

The Mighty TPB Preview (Dark Horse)

The Mighty TPB

Here’s a ten page preview of The Mighty, a trade paperback collecting all 12 issues of the series, by writers Peter Tomasi & Keith Champagne and artists Chris Samnee & Peter Snejbjerg, on sale December 3rd, 2014 from Dark Horse.



Writer: Peter Tomasi, Keith Champagne
Artist: Chris Samnee, Peter Snejbjerg
Colorist: John Kalisz
Cover Artist: Ryan Sook

The world’s only superhero returns!

As the world’s only superhero, Alpha One has become an icon of hope in uncertain times. But while the population is inspired from a distance by their savior, police captain Gabriel Cole has gotten close enough to discover that Alpha One’s plans for a utopia are more radical than anyone suspects! Collects all twelve issues of the acclaimed series!

* From Peter Tomasi (Light Brigade), Chris Samnee (Daredevil), and Peter Snejbjerg (B.P.R.D.)!

* For fans of Powers, Ex Machina, and Irredeemable!

* Check out new installments of The Mighty in DHP next month!

“An instant classic.”—Ain’t It Cool News

Genre: Superhero

Publication Date: December 03, 2014
Format: FC, 304 pages; TPB, 7” x 10”
Price: $19.99
Age range: 14
ISBN-10: 1-61655-502-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-61655-502-3

The Mighty TPB CoverThe Mighty TPB Preview 1The Mighty TPB Preview 2The Mighty TPB Preview 3The Mighty TPB Preview 4The Mighty TPB Preview 5The Mighty TPB Preview 6The Mighty TPB Preview 7The Mighty TPB Preview 8The Mighty TPB Preview 9The Mighty TPB Preview 10

– The Comic Book Critic

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