Preview – Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol. 1 by Katie Cook

Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol. 1 Preview (Action Lab)

Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol. 1 TPB Cover

Here’s a seven page preview of Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol. 1, an all-ages TPB collection of the webcomic by writer & artist Katie Cook, on sale March 11th, 2015 from Action Lab.



Writer(s): Katie Cook
Artist Name(s): Katie Cook
Cover Artist(s): Katie Cook
Colorist: Kevin Minor

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Preview: Athena Voltaire HC by Steve Bryant

Athena Voltaire Preview (Dark Horse)

Athena Voltaire

Here’s a preview of the Athena Voltaire hardcover, a pulp adventure by writer & artist Steve Bryant, on sale December 17th, 2014 from Dark Horse Comics.

The original digital comic is collected in a hardcover format for the first time and contains over 50 pages of brand new material.



Writer: Steve Bryant
Artist: Steve Bryant
Cover Artist: Steve Bryant

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Preview of Sunstone GN by Stjepan Sejic (Image/Top Cow)


Sunstone Graphic Novel

First print edition of webcomic sensation out in December


Here’s a five page preview of Sunstone, a graphic novel first print edition of a webcomic by creator Stjepan Sejic, on sale December 24th, 2014 from Image Comics / Top Cow.


Press Release

A webcomic sensation and #1 bestseller on Amazon, with tens of millions of views on DeviantArt, SUNSTONE by Stjepan Sejic is being published as a graphic novel in December by Image Comics/Top Cow. The story of two women who find love through their shared passion for bondage, SUNSTONE is poised to introduce readers to a new kind of S&M story, one that will surprise readers with the heart and humanity of its story.

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Preview: Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo TP (BOOM!)

Preview of
Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo TP

Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo TP

Here’s an 11 page preview of the Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo TP by creators Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, & Dave McElfatrick, on sale September 10th, 2014 from BOOM! Studios.


Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo TP

Imprint: BOOM! Box

Writers: Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick
Artists: Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin, Dave McElfatrick

WHY WE LOVE IT: One of the most popular and successful webcomics, like, ever, CYANIDE & HAPPINESS has consistently offered up a humorous look at life—in stick figure form—and we are big fans. The experimental, hilarious voice of CYANIDE & HAPPINESS embodies the spirit of BOOM! Box and we jumped at the chance to collect it.

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Dark Horse Announces PROJECT BLACK SKY in Time For FCBD 2014


Project Black Sky

Extensive Web Comic Launches Timed with Free Comic Book Day Story


Dark Horse just announced their Project Black Sky web comic, which runs from May to September 2014 with a new panel almost every day, just in time for Free Comic Book Day 2014.


Press Release

While many comics fans are headed to their local comic shop to get their free goodies this weekend, Dark Horse launches the hottest web comic of the year at!

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Bucko – A Hipster Murder Mystery Tour From Dark Horse Comics




Press release

Announced at Emerald City Comicon, Dark Horse Comics will collect the funniest new webcomic of 2011, Bucko!

Written by twisted masterminds Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts, Mysterius the Unfathomable) and Erika Moen (DAR), this collection includes tons of extras, including brand-new strips, commentary, and info on the real-life inspirations for Bucko.

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