First Look: Mother Panic #1 by Houser & Edwards (DC)

Mother Panic #1 Preview (DC)

Mother Panic #1


Here’s your first look at Mother Panic #1 by Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards, with a back-up story by Jim Kreuger & Phil Hester, on sale October 19th, 2016 from DC Comics.

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Preview: Ninjak #20 by Kindt, Evans, & Guinaldo – “The Fist & The Steel”

Ninjak #20 Preview (Valiant)

Ninjak #20

“The Fist & The Steel” continues…


Here’s a 7 page preview of Ninjak #20, “The Fist & The Steel” by writer Matt Kindt and artists Khari Evans & Andres Guinaldo, on sale October 19th, 2016 from Valiant Comics.

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