First Look: Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #1

DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE SORCERERS SUPREME #1 Brings the Magic to Marvel NOW! in October!

Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #1


Here’s your first look at Doctor Strange and The Sorcerers Supreme #1 by writer Robbie Thompson and artist Javier Rodriguez, on sale October 26th, 2016 from Marvel Comics.

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First Look at Spider-Woman #1 by Hopeless & Rodriguez

Baby on Board – Your First Look at SPIDER-WOMAN #1!

Spider-Woman #1


Here’s your first look at Spider-Woman #1 by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Rodriguez, on sale November 18th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


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Jessica Drew. Private investigator, sometimes Avenger and… mom to be?!

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First Look: Axis: Hobgoblin #1 by Shinick and Rodriguez

Got a Problem? Call Hobgoblin! Your First Look at AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #1!


Here’s your first look at Axis: Hobgoblin #1 by writer Kevin Shinick and artist Javier Rodriguez, on sale October 22nd, 2014 from Marvel Comics.


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This October, suit up with the one and only original Hobgoblin as he flies straight into the biggest event of the year in AXIS: HOBGOBLIN #1!

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 Will Include The Full Sold-Out Issue of Inhuman #1

INHUMAN #1 Sells Out – Full Issue Included in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1!

Inhuman #1

“…a memorable and engaging reinvention of the Inhumans mythos”
– IGN, on Inhuman #1


Marvel Comics will include the full sold-out issue of Inhuman #1 in Amazing Spider-Man #1 at no extra cost. Amazing Spider-Man #1 will arrive in stores on April 30th, 2014 weighing in at 70 pages, with Inhuman #1 reprinted at the end. The issue arrives just before the release of Inhuman #2 in May.


Press Release

The recently debuted Inhuman #1 has already rocketed up the sales charts, completely selling out at the distributor level and becoming the week’s best-selling digital comic on the Marvel app. Today, Marvel is proud to announce that this month’s highly anticipated Amazing Spider-Man #1 will NOW also contain the FULL ISSUE of the blockbuster Inhuman #1 – at NO EXTRA COST! There’s no better way to show the comic industry the Inhumans are here to stay – and now is the perfect chance to jump on board one of the hottest new series!

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Preview of Daredevil #1.50 Celebrating Daredevil’s 50th Anniversary

Celebrate 50 Years Without Fear
This April With DAREDEVIL #1.50!

Daredevil #1.50

Here’s a preview of the special anniversary issue Daredevil #1.50 by Mark Waid, Karl Kesel, Brian Michael Bendis, Javier Rodriguez, and Alex Maleev, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale April 9th, 2014.


Press Release

This April, grab 50 fearless years by the horns in DAREDEVIL #1.50, a special anniversary issue brought to you by superstar creators from Hornhead’s past and present – including Mark Waid & Javier Rodriguez, Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev and Karl Kesel!

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