Preview: Bravest Warriors 2014 Annual #1 (KaBOOM!)

Bravest Warriors 2014 Annual #1 Preview

Bravest Warriors 2014 Annual #1

Here’s a preview of Bravest Warriors 2014 Annual #1 by Kate Leth, Coleman Engle, Monica Ray, and Sloane Leong, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 29th, 2014.

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Preview of Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special #1 (KaBOOM!)

Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special #1 Preview

Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special #1

Here’s a preview of Adventure Time: 2014 Winter Special #1 by Becky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson, Noelle Stevenson. and Ryan Pequin, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 29th, 2014.

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Five Action Lab Previews For The Week Of January 22nd, 2014


New Releases for the week of January 22, 2014


These are the new releases by Action Lab Entertainment which you should expect in stores the week of January 22nd, 2014. Each release includes a preview. Enjoy!


Writer(s): Pavel Balabanov, Vasily Terentiev
Artist Name(s): Pavel Balabanov
** Cover Artist(s): Pavel Balabanov

Are the legends of Bo, the “teddy bear” gangsta, true? And, did we just say teddy bear gangsta?! You’re about to find out–when Bo’s girls get nabbed by a rival gang boss, the mysterious and fearsome plushy gangsta is forced into action! It’s Scarface meets Ted in this over-the-top video game style urban epic. Also ships with a variant cover by Balabadov!

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Preview: I Don’t Get It Hardcover by Shannon Wheeler

Preview of I Don’t Get It HC
by Shannon Wheeler

I Don't Get It

Here’s a preview of the I Don’t Get It hardcover by writer/artist Shannon Wheeler, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 22nd. 2014.


I Don’t Get It HC

Writer/Artist: Shannon Wheeler

Diamond Code: NOV130881

By popular demand, it’s a new collection of illustrations from cartoonist Shannon Wheeler– continuing a run that began with the Eisner Award-winning book, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER.

Where do cartoons go when they’ve been bounced by the New Yorker? When they’re as funny as what’s floating in Wheeler’s brain, they’re boiled down to the best of the bounced and presented in one laugh-out-loud volume.

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Preview: Hacktivist #1 by Alyssa Milano, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Marcus To

Preview of Hacktivist #1 by Alyssa Milano

Hacktivist #1

Here’s a preview of Hacktivist #1 by creator Alyssa Milano, writers Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and artist Marcus To, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 22nd, 2014.


Hacktivist #1

Writer(s): Alyssa Milano, Jackson Lanzing, and Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To

Diamond Code: NOV130890

WHY WE LOVE IT: From the creative mind of Alyssa Milano, with artist Marcus To (Huntress, Red Robin), and writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, Hacktivist is a fast-paced cyber-thriller about friendship and freedom in a time war.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Fantastic characters and stunning action set pieces, beautifully illustrated by Marcus To (Cyborg 009, Red Robin) and Eisner-nominated colorist Ian Herring (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand).

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Preview: X-O Manowar #21 by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord

Imprisoned by UNITY In

X-O Manowar #21

Here’s a preview of X-O Manowar #21 by Robert Venditti, Cary Nord, Vincente Cifuentes, and Trevor Hairsine, courtesy of Valiant Comics – on sale January 22nd, 2014.


Press Release

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of X-O Manowar #21 by New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti and red-hot artists Cary Nord, Vicente Cifuentes and Trevor Hairsine! In the aftermath of Unity #3, the X-O Manowar armor has found a new bearer… Now find out what terrible punishment awaits its former host, Aric of Dacia…prisoner of war!

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Preview: Gate-Way #1 by Joe Halpin Sr. and Juanfrancisco Guerrero

Preview of Gate-Way #1 (IDW)

Gate-Way #1

Here’s a preview of Gate-Way #1 by writer Joe Halpin Sr. and artist Juanfrancisco Guerrero, courtesy of IDW Publishing – on sale January 15th, 2014.


Gate-Way #1 (of 5)

Joe Halpin Sr. (w) • Juanfrancisco Guerrero (a & c)

In a surreal setting where a red sky burns bright and the blanket of night brings a terror known only as the Dark Souls, ex-cop Jake Ryan struggles to make sense of his surroundings. Gate-Way is a story that weaves a rich tapestry of loyalty, lust, intrigue and betrayal as beggars, thieves, priests, and murderers all vie for power in a world that rewards the bold and enslaves the weak.

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Preview: Black Dynamite #1 by Ash, Wimberly, and Buscema

Preview of Black Dynamite #1 (IDW)

Black Dynamite #1

Here’s a preview of Black Dynamite #1 by Brian Ash, Ron Wimberly, and Sal Buscema, courtesy of IDW Publishing – on sale January 15th, 2014.


Black Dynamite #1 (of 4)

Brian Ash (w) • Ron Wimberly & Sal Buscema (a) • Dave Wilkins (c)


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Preview of Curse #1 From BOOM! Studios

Curse #1 Preview!

Curse #1

Here’s a preview of Curse #1 by writers Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel and artists Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo, courtesy of BOOM! Studios – on sale January 15th, 2013.


Curse #1

Writers: Michael Moreci , Tim Daniel
Artists: Colin Lorimer, Riley Rossmo

Diamond Code: NOV130863

WHY WE LOVE IT: BOOM! Studios has a long history of publishing some of the industry’s best modern horror, and CURSE takes us back to our roots with a werewolf story unlike any you’ve ever seen.

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Preview: Harbinger #20 by Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry

Preview of Harbinger #20 (Valiant)

Harbinger #20

Here’s a preview of Harbinger #20 by writer Joshua Dysart and artist Clayton Henry, courtesy of Valiant Comics – on sale January 15th, 2014.



Art & Cover by CLAYTON HENRY
Interlocking Pullbox Variant by ZACHARY MONTOYA
Variant Cover by KHARI EVANS


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