DC Comics Cancels Hellblazer in March 2013

DC Comics unveils latest addition to


DC has cancelled Hellblazer with its 300th issue in February 2013. Hellblazer, which is currently the longest running title that hasn’t had its numbering changed, will be replaced by a new title – Constantine.

Again, it seems that DC, like Marvel, is employing a tactic that, in effect, just lowers the number on a title to make it more appealing to new readers. Usually, this has a short term effect on increasing sales; in the long run though, sales tend to slip back to the usual number or trend lower. This is especially true with Marvel Comics’ constant relaunching of titles.

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Marvel Cuts More Titles From Their Publishing Schedule

Marvel Comics Cuts More Titles


On top of their previously announced lay offs, title cuts, and cancellations, news came of more Marvel Comics publishing cutbacks today.

Marvel has cancelled both books that feature a female character in the solo lead, X-23 (#20 last issue) and Ghost Rider. Black Panther: The Man Without Fear is also ending with issue #529 and PunisherMAX will end it’s story and run in February. According to writer Jason Aaron, PunisherMAX was not cancelled but the story ran it’s course to the end. Also Villains For Hire has shrunk from a five issue series to just four issues.

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Marvel Cancels Another Series: THE DESTROYERS

Marvel cancels The Destroyers before its solicitation

The Destroyers #1

Following the previous cancellations of several titles, most notably Victor Von Doom by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan, comes another announcement. The Destroyers, a miniseries due in February 2012 by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kyle Hotz, was cancelled before it was solicited by Marvel – even though the first two issues were completely penciled.

Originally announced by Marvel at Fan Expo Canada 2011, The Destroyers was to be a five issue miniseries.

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