Marvel Cancels Another Series: THE DESTROYERS

Marvel cancels The Destroyers before its solicitation

The Destroyers #1

Following the previous cancellations of several titles, most notably Victor Von Doom by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan, comes another announcement. The Destroyers, a miniseries due in February 2012 by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kyle Hotz, was cancelled before it was solicited by Marvel – even though the first two issues were completely penciled.

Originally announced by Marvel at Fan Expo Canada 2011, The Destroyers was to be a five issue miniseries.

“This is a five-issue romp filled with explosions and crushing and more explosions, but it’s also an exploration of the thin line between humanity and our darker nature,” Editor Bill Rosemann elaborates. “On the surface, the scary squad of The Thing, She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Karkas and The Beast each seem to be unstoppable engines of destruction—and they are! But beneath their fearsome exteriors lie the same fears and desires that motivate us all.”

For this team of monster-do-wells, the fate of the world represents but one reason to join up and fight. To sweeten the deal, The Destroyer presents a very tempting offer to several of the characters.

“[The Destroyer] has offered them a cure for their various monstrous conditions, but only if they travel around the world and defeat the sudden outbreak of giant monsters that are stomping cities and devouring armies across the world,” Van Lente reveals. “Some of these team members may be more apt than others to take up The Destroyer on his offer of a cure—and some may want to destroy all monsterkind to do it!”

Fred Van Lente, responding to inquiries on the fate of The Destroyers, tweeted the following on Twitter.

Sorry, dude, that series got the axe weeks ago.

There was no announcement. The book hadn’t been solicited yet, and just wouldn’t have.

The biggest bummer about DESTROYERS was Kyle Hotz had #1-2 pencilled, and it looked grrrrreat. Ah, well. That’s showbiz for you.

Also, I’m working on a Marvel book right now with an artist I’ve long wanted to work with they haven’t announced yet.

This latest run of cancellations follows a big round of lay-offs at the House that Jack Built.


The Destroyers #1 cover AThe Destroyers #1 cover B

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