Marvel Cancels Uncanny X-Men With Issue #544!

Uncanny X-Men #544

The longest running X-Men title comes to an end this October! Uncanny X-Men #544 will be the last issue of the series published by Marvel Comics.

The events of X-Men: Schism will tear the X-Men and the Marvel Universe apart and mutantkind will be changed forever.

Not to be overshadowed by DC’s avalanche of cancellations, it seems like Marvel has some series cancelling news of it’s own this week.

Here are some Kieron Gillen quotes from the AP NewsWire article:

"Well, as anyone who’s watched the movies will know, the traditional axis of the X-Men has been the polarity of Magneto and Xavier. Xavier basically believes in peaceful integration. Magneto doesn’t," said Kieron Gillen, who has been writing "Uncanny X-Men" since 2010.

"In the last five years or so, the X-Men have been exploring a different angle. A catastrophe reduced the population to a couple of hundred mutants, and no new ones are being born," he said. "This fledgling species was looking at extinction — and the militarized forces of prejudice moved in for the kill."

"The X-Men has always been a book with ideology and ideas at its heart, and to be fair to them — to best present them — you have to be entirely true," Gillen said. "And if the story we’re telling demands that you end the `Uncanny X-Men,’ you end the `Uncanny X-Men.’ No, it’s not taken lightly — but it’s taken if it’s necessary to do it."


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All things must come an end…even for the X-Men, and this October fans will bear witness the end of an era as UNCANNY X-MEN #544 concludes the long running series. It’s all come to this! Years in the making, the seeds of dissent finally bear fruit as the events of X-Men: Schism tear the X-Men and the Marvel Universe apart! When the dust settles, the state of mutantkind will irreparably be changed forever. Don’t miss the historic final issue of the longest running X-Men title this October, in UNCANNY X-MEN #544!

Pencils and Cover by GREG LAND
Rated T+…$3.99

ON SALE – 7/13/11

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