Swords of Sorrow Features All-Female Writing Teams Headlined by Gail Simone

Gail Simone Headlines All-Female Writing Teams On Epic “Swords of Sorrow” Event

Swords of Sorrow



In May, Dynamite Entertainment is launching a genre-spanning crossover event, Swords of Sorrow, featuring an all-star lineup of female authors headlined by Gail Simone.


Press Release

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the May 2015 launch of Swords of Sorrow, the genre-spanning crossover event featuring an all-star line-up of female authors, headlined by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey).

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It’s LIGHTS OUT at DC Comics in October 2013!

Green Lantern Goes LIGHTS OUT

in October!

Green Lantern #24

DC Comics goes LIGHTS OUT in October 2013 in their Green Lantern titles.


According to DC Comics, the Lights Out crossover event that begins in October and spans the entire Green Lantern Universe, will change it forever!… Or at least what forever means in comic book terms these days.

Here is the press release from DC and several preview pages from Green Lantern #24 with art by Billy Tan.


Press Release

This October, “Lights Out” will span across all of the GREEN LANTERN family titles. And earlier this week, Relic’s Villains Month one-shot hit stores and set the stage for this epic crossover event that will change the Green Lantern universe forever.

“There are seven different colors of the emotional spectrum, each of them represented by their own corps. Green Lanterns wear rings powered by will, Red Lanterns rage, Yellow Lanterns fear, and so on,” GREEN LANTERN writer Robert Venditti explained. “For reasons none of the Lanterns are sure of, the rings have been malfunctioning lately. Enter Relic, a remnant of the universe before ours, who thinks he knows what’s wrong with the rings and has a solution. Unfortunately, ridding the universe of every last Lantern is part of that solution.”

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Ultimates #15: Captain America Elected President Of The United States [SPOILERS]

Captain America Elected
President Of The United States of America!


Historic Story Begins in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15

Steve Rogers is elected President of the United States via a special election write in vote but will he accept the nation’s highest position?

Marvel Comics provides us with a 4 page preview of Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 which answers that question.

The press release and the preview is filled with spoilers for Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16, which comes out next week.

You have been warned.

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Captain America Makes The DECISION In The Ultimates #15 & 16

The DECISION That Will Change The Ultimate Comics Universe FOREVER.Ultimate Comics Ultimates Teaser

Press release

With the country on the brink of a total meltdown, Captain America must make a decision that will forever change the Ultimate Comics Universe. Find out what that is as Divided We Fall hurtles towards its explosive finale in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 & United We Stand kicks off in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16!

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Preview: Ultimate Comics Ultimates #14 (Unlettered)

The Ultimates Are Back in Action in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #14!Ultimate Comics Ultimates #14

Here is a 4 page unlettered preview of Ultimate Comics Ultimates #14 by Sam Humphries, Billy Tan, & Timothy Green III from Marvel Comics.

Press release

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Ultimate Comics Ultimates #14 – a Divided We Fall tie-in! With America still in turmoil from the City’s attack, someone is mysteriously working behind the scenes to keep it that way – but who? Can even the newly reunited team of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor discover the identity of their foe and hold together the country at the same time?

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Review: Uncanny X-Force #9 (Marvel)

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Billy Tan Colors: Dean White Cover: Esad Ribic Letters: Cory Petit Design: Jared K. Fletcher Editor: Jody Leheup, Nick Lowe Publisher: Marvel Comics  Cover Date: July 2011 Cover Price: $3.99   In ‘High Art,’ Rick Remender writes a self contained one issue story that carries some weight to it. Dr. Nemesis … Read more

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