Captain America Makes The DECISION In The Ultimates #15 & 16

The DECISION That Will Change The Ultimate Comics Universe FOREVER.Ultimate Comics Ultimates Teaser

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With the country on the brink of a total meltdown, Captain America must make a decision that will forever change the Ultimate Comics Universe. Find out what that is as Divided We Fall hurtles towards its explosive finale in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15 & United We Stand kicks off in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16!

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All Marvel Ultimates Titles Will Include A Digital Download Code Starting in January 2012

Marvel’s Ultimate Comics offers FREE digital copies in 2012!


UltimateComicsSpiderMan_6_CoverStarting in January 2012, Marvel Comics will include a free redeemable digital download code in all their Ultimate Comics titles. Marvel just recently started their free digital download program with the release of Avenging Spider-Man #1, which was also polybagged to protect the codes, which are printed on the inside back cover, from being stolen. The Ultimate Comics titles will also be polybagged for the same reason.

The program begins with Ultimate Spider-Man #6 in January, followed by Ultimate X-Men #7 and Ultimates #7 in February, and will continue with subsequent Issues.

UltimateComicsUltimates_7_CoverMarvel has been criticized lately for lowering the page count on some of their $3.99 titles as DC has tried to maintain a lower price point by offering many of their books at $2.99. Some Marvel fans feel that they’re not getting $3.99 worth of value for their money. DC has also offered digital downloads in a few of their titles, but for a dollar more.

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