Great Comic Book Tattoos

A Gallery of Comic Book Tattoos

Joker Straightjacket tattoo

I’ve always admired tattoos and the very talented tattoo artists whose work adorns many people skin across the globe. Although I’ve yet to get a single tattoo myself, I always get inspired to do so whenever I see such amazing work.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any new comic book tattoos on our site, and there have been a lot of new pieces floating around on the internet. This is just a small selection of what we’ve run across.

On Comic Book Critic, we’ve run several of these posts since our inception two years ago, with many tattoos ranging from good to amazing and they’ve always been a hit with our readers.

So without further ado, on to the tattoos…

Starry Night over the Gotham City Batman Tattoo

Jakub Nowak’s “Starry Night over the Gotham City” tattoo – a Van Gogh/Jim Lee inspired Batman design. Dominika Gardocka of the Skorpion Sosnowiec studio in Poland did the work. (source)

Cameron Stewart Batman tattooCameron Stewart Batman original art

A fan commissioned a drawing from Batman & Robin artist Cameron Stewart at C2E2 in 2010. He told Stewart that the artwork would then be tattooed on his body. Despite the pressure he was probably under, Stewart did a fine job on his drawing.  (source)


Jack Kirby inspired full sleeve tattooJack Kirby inspired full sleeve tattoo

Richard Bensam has a full sleeve in tribute to the “King of Comics” Jack Kirby done by Mike Harada. (source)


Joker Straightjacket tattoo

This is a cool joker in a straightjacket tattoo. (source)


Ultimate Spider-Man Finished Tattoo 1Ultimate Spider-Man Finished Tattoo 2Ultimate Spider-Man Finished Tattoo 3

Deviant art user nmartz117 has an Ultimate Spider-Man piece on his right leg based on the cover to Ultimate Spider-Man #125 by Stuart Immonen. The tattoo was done at (the appropriately named) Marvel Tattoo by Whitley. (source)


Green Lantern Green Arrow tattoo by Paul Abstruse

A nice Green Arrow/Green Lantern piece done by Paul Abstruse from Adelaide, Australia at a convention. Based on artwork by Carlos Pacheco. (source)


Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer full sleeve tattoo

An awesome, but un-credited, full sleeve of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer. (source)


Wolverine tattoo by Mat Lapping

A Wolverine tattoo that’s meant to be part of a larger Avengers half sleeve. The work was done by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandalls in Hull, UK.(source)


Marvel Zombies Spider-Man tattoo by Mat Lapping

Another awesome tattoo by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandalls. This time it’s a Marvel Zombies Spider-Man half sleeve. (source)


She-Hulk tattoo by Emil Giczewski

She-Hulk tattoo by Emil Giczewski from Vendetta Tattoo.


full sleeve Spider-Man/Venom page by Guy Tinsley

An amazing full sleeve Spider-Man/Venom page by Guy Tinsley who runs Wiseguys Ink in the UK. (source)


Judge Dredd by Paulo Madeira

Judge Dredd bust by Portuguese tattoo artist Paulo Madeira. (source)


– The Comic Book Critic

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