Cool Comic Book Tattoos – Part 2

Since the last post on Comic Book Tattoos was so popular, I decided to compile several more for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve got some cool comic book tattoos yourself, please share them with us – we’d all love to see them!

So without further ado, onto the tattoos!



Spider-Man with Todd McFarlane style webbing.
Image source


Stylized Superman full sleeve.
Image source


Iron Man

Iron Man in his Modular armor aka Superman shield chestplate.
Image source


Green Lantern

Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.
Image source


Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom!
Image source


Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer with flaming ‘jazz hands!’
Image source



That’s one angry, salivating Wolverine! The buffet must be closed.
Image source



Catwoman w/ whip. Meow!
Image source



Image from Alan Moore’s The Watchmen.
Image source



Cover of Uncanny X-Men #101 by John Byrne & Terry Austin.
Image source



Assorted DC Superheroes chestpiece.
Image source


Love and Rockets

Love & Rockets cover by Jaime Hernandez! Sweet.
Image source



GREAT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wraparound legpiece. Not the cartoon TMNT, but based on the originals by Eastman and Laird!
Image source

– The Comic Book Critic

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