21 Draw Art Book Features Over 100 Artists – on IndieGogo Now

101 Artists Contribute to 21 Draw Art Book
on IndieGogo this May!

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21 Draw Art Book on IndieGogo

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re giving away a free copy of the 21 Draw art book to one lucky follower. Details at the end of this post!


21Draw Logo 2014If you love art books, you’re gonna love this one. The guys over at the 21 Draw art project have launched their book today on IndieGogo. The book is drawn by 101 top industry professionals and provides references for character types for comics, games and cartoons. They have artists like Steve Rude, Ariel Olivetti, Tom Bancroft, Artgerm, Ed Benes, Kim Jung Gi and other giants of the industry.

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Win An Exclusive Limited Avengers Movie Poster!

Win a LIMITED EDITION Avengers Movie Poster!Marvel's The Avengers

This May, comic book fans and moviegoers alike were treated to a great film – Marvel’s The Avengers. You too can be part of the comic book movie phenomenon that is Marvel’s The Avengers.

Comic Book Critic and Lunchbox, LP give you the opportunity to win an exclusive and very limited edition Avengers poster!

This exclusive Marvel’s The Avengers poster measures 27” x 39” and features full color artwork of the characters from the movie.

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Comic Book Critic Prize Giveaway Contest #1

Comic Book Critic First Ever Prize Giveaway!

Malaak: Volume IV Marked by Fire by Joumana Medlej

Comic Book Critic is celebrating it’s first anniversary in February 2012 and we’d like to thank everyone that makes this site possible – our readers! We’ve grown very quickly thanks to all of our followers, Thank You!

So I decided to get together a few books and give them away to a lucky reader as a token of our gratitude. It’s very easy to enter the giveaway and you could come away with a few extra books to read.

I’d especially like to thank Joumana Medlej, who contributed an autographed copy of her self-published work for our giveaway! You can find more info on her and her works below.

So let’s get on with it.

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