21 Draw Art Book Features Over 100 Artists – on IndieGogo Now

101 Artists Contribute to 21 Draw Art Book
on IndieGogo this May!

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21 Draw Art Book on IndieGogo

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re giving away a free copy of the 21 Draw art book to one lucky follower. Details at the end of this post!


21Draw Logo 2014If you love art books, you’re gonna love this one. The guys over at the 21 Draw art project have launched their book today on IndieGogo. The book is drawn by 101 top industry professionals and provides references for character types for comics, games and cartoons. They have artists like Steve Rude, Ariel Olivetti, Tom Bancroft, Artgerm, Ed Benes, Kim Jung Gi and other giants of the industry.



The book came about when the 21 Draw crew ran surveys asking artists what their most common art problems were. When the results came back the following problem areas came up repeatedly:

1. Character Design (a lack of good references)

2. Action poses

3. Drawing faces

4. Drawing Hands

Otto SchmidtBrett BeanSteve Rude - robot

Then they hired 101 of the best artists in the world to work on the project. Each artist was assigned to draw one particular character in 10 separate images: two reference poses (showing front & side), 3 action poses, 3 faces and 2 hands.

Ariel Olivetti CableTom Bancroft - FrozenArtgerm- Hulk

There is a lot of excitement in the industry around this book and they have a standby list of 62 artists waiting to join the project. It is not only a valuable tool for artists but is also extremely interesting for comic book fans and other art enthusiasts due to the number of high level names working on the project.

awx_concept_warrenlouwAriel Olivett - Hulk-spidey (fun)Kim Jung Gi

You can pre-order a copy of their book now on IndieGogo by clicking here. It is only available between May 01 and May 31 so hurry!

Steve Rude Batman-Superman-wonderwomanSteve Rude Comic - 1966 Ariel Olivett - Conan


We have offered a few different ways to enter awesome this giveaway! Click the link below and enter using our Rafflecopter entry form and GOOD LUCK!


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11 thoughts on “21 Draw Art Book Features Over 100 Artists – on IndieGogo Now”

  1. I want this because I want to fallow my dreams of becoming a better artist.
    With this book would be most amazing!!

  2. I want this because this book because it will help increase my skills. In future I want to be good artist.

    P.S. Art is AWESOME!

  3. I’m currently studying animation in India and I really want to improve my artwork. I’m putting a lot of effort into drawing everyday and a book like this would help me a lot.

  4. Amo la animación y el dibujo, lo hago y lo estudio constantemente, en cursos, en pruebas y prácticas, en la vida y en genios como estos que ya lo hicieron antes.

  5. This is an excellent idea for a book, and very useful to all of us that want to become pro artists! I like comics and animation and this book have many of the gretest of both fields. I want it!!

  6. Winning this book would make me SO happy since we only have a limited amount of art books here, most of them I can’t afford. Art has been my passion since I was a child, and that passion remains until now.


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