Preview: Batman #45 by King & Daniel – “The Gift” Part One

Batman #45 Preview (DC)

Batman #45



Here’s a 6-page preview of Batman #45, “The Gift” part one by writer Tom King and artist Tony S. Daniel, on sale April 18th, 2018 from DC Comics.

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Preview – Dark Nights: Metal #5 by Snyder, Capullo, & Glapion (DC)

Dark Nights: Metal #5 Preview (DC)

Dark Nights: Metal #5



Here’s a short preview of Dark Nights: Metal #5 by writer Scott Snyder and artists Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion, on sale January 31st, 2018 from DC Comics.

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Preview: Action Comics #20 by Andy Diggle, Tony Daniel, & Matt Banning

First Look At Action Comics #20

Action Comics #20

Here’s a preview of Action Comics #20, by Andy Diggle, Tony S. Daniel, & Matt Banning, courtesy of DC Entertainment – on sale May 1st, 2013.

Press Release

Superman battles an enemy of his own making in the horrible Hybrid—but what else does Lex Luthor have in store for The Man of Steel and the people of Metropolis? Get set to learn some of the secrets behind Luthor’s role in The New 52!

In ACTION COMICS #20, the Man of Steel must save the people in Suicide Slum, who have become infected with the alien virus that attacked Superman last month.

Along with the help of Dr. Veritas, Kal-El  will need to get the answers to fight this new threat quickly – before it continues to mutate and grow into a completely unstoppable force and even when he does Lex Luthor is still on the loose!

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Preview of Detective Comics #1 (2011) by Tony Daniel


DC Comics has been spreading out the previews to their New 52 titles among different news outlets, this time it’s USA Today – getting the preview for Detective Comics #1 by Tony Daniel. Detective Comics #1 is the first Batman title to be published and will be followed by Batman #1, Batman and Robin #1, and Batman: Dark Knight #1 in subsequent weeks.

Daniel says his Batman will emphasize the “detective” part of the character.

"It allows me to do some edgier stories. We’re concentrating on serial killers and real bad guys in Gotham City— the scum of the earth — so I get to have a really good film-noir vibe going on with the character: dark, gritty, intense story lines that wouldn’t have felt right with the more superhero-y Batman comic."


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