The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Gets Sweded


It didn’t take long for the guys at bryanharley on Youtube to create a sweded version of the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Their ultra low budget version  is a scene-by-scene recreation of the officially released movie trailer, just like they did back in October with The Avengers trailer.

They do such a wonderful job in recreating the trailers that I look forward to their sweded version as much as I do the originals.

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Marvel’s The Avengers Trailer Gets Sweded!

Since it was released last week, The Avengers movie trailer has been seen by just about everyone who isn’t living under a rock, and I’m sure half of those rock dwellers have seen it also. Some have seen it often enough to give it the swede treatment.

Along come a group of people – Roque Rodriguez, Brandon Carrera, Bryan Harley, Travis Sheridan, Tommy Brand, Chloe Tatro, John Rios, and Andrew Toschi – who decide they’re going to recreate the original trailer, albeit on a smaller budget.

If, for some reason, you haven’t seen The Avengers trailer, you can watch it below.


Original Marvel’s The Avengers Trailer

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