The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Gets Sweded


It didn’t take long for the guys at bryanharley on Youtube to create a sweded version of the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Their ultra low budget version  is a scene-by-scene recreation of the officially released movie trailer, just like they did back in October with The Avengers trailer.

They do such a wonderful job in recreating the trailers that I look forward to their sweded version as much as I do the originals.

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Close up photos of Batman vs Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Yesterday we posted images of Tom Hardy as Bane from Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Well, today more photos have surfaced. This time we catch the hero and villain trading blows! These images come courtesy of

Shooting on location in Pittsburgh, PA in late July, it must get pretty hot in those costumes. The fake snow doesn’t make it any cooler either. 


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New Photos of Tom Hardy as Bane

Tom Hardy is in full costume when he takes a break while on the set for The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday July 30, 2011 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

He looks to be standing on a camouflaged Tumbler which, I’m assuming, is also featured in the film. The coat and the costume both look very strange, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for them.

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Tom Hardy as Bane

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First Image From The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy as Bane!

  The Dark Knight Rises began production this week and will shoot on three continents with a July 20th, 2012 release date. Through a very involved viral marketing campaign, the first official photograph of a character in costume from the film was presented to the world: Thomas Hardy as Bane. It was also announced today … Read more