Marvel Announces Free Digital Copies with All $3.99+ Titles Starting in June 2012

Marvel Doubles The Value of All Its Top-Selling Super Hero Comics

Announces Landmark Digital InitiativeAmazingSpiderMan_687_Cover

Marvel Comics announced that beginning in June 2012, all comics with a cover price of $3.99 or greater will include a code for free digital copies of those comics.

Avengers_27_Cover (2)Marvel has been talking about “adding value” to their $3.99 price point books since they began offering free digital codes with their Ultimate Comics line a few months ago. This time they are going line wide with their offer.

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HARBINGER Ongoing Series Arrives in June From Valiant



Valiant Entertainment is relaunching Harbinger as an ongoing monthly series in June 2012. Writer Joshua Dysart and artist Khari Evans will be the creative team behind the relaunch of one of Valiant’s most popular titles, which Valiant is calling an “unflinching modern update.”

This is a series that, if handled properly, will be a huge hit for Valiant Entertainment. I’m hoping it holds up well compared to the original series by Jim Shooter and David Lapham.

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Marvel Teases SPIDER-MEN Coming June 2012

SpiderMenMarvel Comics wasn’t going to be left out of the news, no matter how much Before Watchmen just utterly dominated the comics industry today.

A posting on their website was very plain, simple, and completely devoid of any information whatsoever. It didn’t even have any text, save the “Spider-Men” title of the post.

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