Extensive Preview of Faith #5 – Election Special (Valiant)

Faith #5 – Oversized Election Special Preview!

Faith #5


Here’s a preview of Faith #5, an oversized Election Special by Jody Houser, Louise Simonson, Rafer Roberts, Meghan Hetrick, Pere Perez, & Colleen Doran, on sale November 2nd, 2016 from Valiant Comics.

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First Look: Faith #5 – Election Special with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Flies into November’s Historic FAITH #5 – A Giant-Sized Election Special for the Ages!

Faith #5 - Hillary Clinton

On November 2nd, just days before Election Day,
America’s favorite hero of 2016 is teaming up with Hillary Clinton
for the most important election special in comics history!


Here’s your first look at Faith #5, a giant-sized Election 2016 Special featuring Hillary Clinton, on sale November 2nd, 2016 from Valiant Comics.

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Bush, Trump, Sanders, Clinton, etc. Get The Comic Book Treatment


Political Power: Jeb Bush-Legacy

Also coming, Presidential hopefuls Sanders, Clinton, Paul, & Trump.


Stormfront Publishing is releasing it’s standard fare of biographical comics focusing on politics, the Political Power series, just as the races are heating up.

This week Stormfront, formerly Bluewater Comics, released a Jeb Bush comic and will be publishing others based on 2016 presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul, and Donald Trump, among others, in subsequent weeks.

Here’s a look at some interior pages from Political Power: Jeb Bush-Legacy by writer Michael Frizell and artist Joe Paradise, on sale now.

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