A Peek at the Future of the Gold Key Universe From Dynamite

Who?  Or What Is The Key?!?!?

Solar: Man of the Atom #3

Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Frank Barbiere and Mark Waid Unlock the Universe!


The Gold Key Universe at Dynamite Entertainment is just starting to take off. Here’s a peek at what you can expect from the talented creators in the coming weeks.


Press Release

KEYS OPEN DOORS. And since February, the door to the GOLD KEY universe has opened to huge acclaim! But we’re just getting warmed up, check out what’s next…


The second arc of the sellout smash TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER features pterodactyls, soldiers fighting for the mighty Genghis Khan, and the reuniting of GREG PAK and artist TAKESHI MIYAZAWA! Last time these two teamed up, they made the massive CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD, a Kickstarter blockbuster that received over $340,000 in donations.

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Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1 Coming in May 2014 From Dynamite

Dynamite Announces May Release of DOCTOR SPEKTOR: MASTER OF THE OCCULT #1


Written by Mark Waid and Illustrated by Neil Edwards

Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1 by Mark Waid and Neil Edwards, on sale May 28th, 2014, marks the fourth release of Gold Key titles for Dynamite Entertainment.


Press Release

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming May 28th release of Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1.  The new comic book series reimagines a classic supernatural detective into a monster-hunting media sensation, courtesy of writer Mark Waid (Daredevil) and artist Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four).  Doctor Spektor will be the highly anticipated fourth release in the publisher’s successful Gold Key line, which includes Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Magnus: Robot Fighter, and Solar: Man of the Atom.

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