Preview: Wild’s End #1 by Abnett & Culbard (BOOM!)

Preview of Wild’s End #1 (BOOM!)

Wild’s End #1

Here’s a five page preview of Wild’s End #1 by writer Dan Abnett and artist I.N.J. Culbard, on sale September 10th, 2014 from BOOM! Studios.


Wild’s End #1 (of 6)

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love smart takes on classic science-fiction mythos and who better to take advantage of the iconography of H.G. Wells and War of the Worlds than Dan Abnett, one of comics’ most renowned sci-fi writers and one of creators responsible for the groundbreaking run on Guardians of the Galaxy that inspired the upcoming Marvel movie. Paired with I.N.J. Culbard who has made a name for himself with the critically acclaimed adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, it’s a team perfectly built for the visually impactful adventure stories readers love.

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Preview: Guardians 3000 #1 by Abnett & Sandoval

GUARDIANS 3000 #1 Takes You Back to the Future This October!

Guardians 3000 #1

Here’s a four page preview of Guardians 3000 #1 by writer Dan Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval, courtesy of Marvel Comics – on sale October 1st, 2014.


Press Release

This October, blast off into the far unknown with the adventures of the original Guardians of the Galaxy in a brand new ongoing series beginning in GUARDIANS 3000 #1! Today, Marvel is proud to bring you a new look at the exciting first issue from iconic Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Dan Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval! Perfect for new and old readers alike, Guardians 3000 is set to reintroduce the original team to the Marvel Universe like never before!

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Preview: Sinister Dexter #1 by Dan Abnett and Andy Clarke

Preview of Sinister Dexter #1 (IDW)

Sinister Dexter #1

Here’s a preview of Sinister Dexter #1 by writer Dan Abnett and artist Andy Clarke, courtesy of IDW Publishing – on sale December 11th, 2013


Sinister Dexter #1 (of 7)

Dan Abnett (w) • Andy Clarke (a) • Antonio Fuso (c)

The popular sci-fi strip makes its way to our shores! Finn and Ramone in two classic 2000 AD stories! First is “Money Shots,” which sees the two gunsharks crashing the set of an adult movie in order to carry out a hit on a target that may be happier to see them than they expected! Second is “Point Blanc.” The duo is recruited to take out a narc boss who owns extreme firepower. Is their mystery employer out for more than control of Downlode’s heavy-duty killware?

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THE HYPERNATURALS by Abnett & Lanning Arrive in July at BOOM!


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Fresh off rave reviews on their Free Comic Book Edition, this July fan-favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning launch HYPERNATURALS #1! This summer “DnA” bring their cosmic brand of superheroes to BOOM! Studios with an all-new ongoing series!

Featuring covers by Francesco Mattina (NOVA), Phil Noto (X-23), Timothy Green II (ANNIHILATORS), and Trevor Hairsine (X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS) with interior art by Brad Walker (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Andres Guinaldo (RESURRECTION MAN), the first issue of this new ongoing series ships in July!

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Preview: The Hypernaturals Free Comic Book Day Edition (BOOM! Studios)


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On Saturday May 5th, fan-favorite scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning bring their cosmic brand of superheroes to BOOM! Studios with an all-new, all-original 16-page story featuring their new series THE HYPERNATURALS. This original story serves as a prelude that leads directly into the first issue of THE HYPERNATURALS #1, which goes on-sale in July.

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