Review: Suicide Squad #1 (DC) 2011

Suicide Squad #1 (2011)Writer: Adam Glass
Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty, Scott Hanna
Colorist: Val Staples
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Sean Mackiewicz, Pat McCallum
Cover: Ryan Benjamin
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
Cover Date: November 2011

Title: “Kicked in the Teeth”


Take a bunch of dangerous death row inmates, organize them, send them on nearly impossible and highly perilous covert OPS, and what do you get – Suicide Squad.

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Tiger Shark are just a few of the inmates from Belle Reve Penitentiary that were chosen to be part of Suicide Squad. They were captured and are being tortured by a mysterious group that are trying to find out who the Suicide Squad works for. During their torture, several members of the group individually recall how they were captured.

Suicide Squad #1 - Harley QuinnThe story jumps back and forth in a non-linear timeline, but it works well in the pacing of the issue. I didn’t like the use of several artists to tell the story. Not that the art was bad, but the inconsistency of artwork can be distracting at times, especially when the characters look different on several pages. Adam Glass’ story was well written, and even though it was a “set-up” issue for their first mission, there was some substance to it.Suicide Squad #1 - Amanda Waller

I’m sure DC had good reasons to change Harley Quinn’s costume in the relaunch, but you’d be hard pressed to fin a reason in the pages of Suicide Squad #1. A half-naked Harley Quinn in a covert OPS group just seems weird, but then again, she is quite insane. What I don’t understand is why they changed government agent Amanda Waller from full figured to a sexy, large breasted black woman. DC does have a history with women, though. 

If you’re not familiar with the characters, you’re really not going to find much to go on in this first issue, but that may change as the series progresses. You do get a feel for their individual personalities but not quite how they interact within the group.

Although Suicide Squad #1 was a just a setup issue, it rather was enjoyable. I’m hoping for more action from the group in issue two, though. Suicide Squad is a concept that can be successful in the right hands.


– The Comic Book Critic

Comic Book Critic Rating: 6.5

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