Preview of Secret #1 (Image) by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim


In April, Image Comics is releasing a new ongoing series by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim called Secret. The series is “an espionage thriller that takes a deep look into the shadow world existing between the government and private security firms.”

Secret #1 written by by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Ryan Bodenheim is available in shops on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 with a cover price of $3.50 US.

Here is a four page preview of Secret #1 from Image Comics.

Press Release

A man gets shot in London, a law firm gets broken into in Washington, an accountant gives away the password to his computer, and something put to sleep 20 years ago awakens. What is the unsavory relationship all these things share, and how could it bring down two of the largest governments in the history of the world?

It’s SECRET, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the creators of A RED MASS FOR MARS.

Secret #1 preview 1Secret #1 preview 2Secret #1 preview 3Secret #1 preview 4


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