Preview: Age of Apocalypse #1 by Nicieza & Sandoval

Humans & Mutants Will Cower in Fear! Your New Look at

Age of Apocalypse #1


Here’s a short preview of Age of Apocalypse #1, a Secret Wars series by writer Fabian Nicieza & artist Gerardo Sandoval, on sale July 8th, 2015 from Marvel Comics.


Press Release

His war has been won. En Sabah Nur stands triumphant over the bones of his enemies. None will be left standing in the WARZONES!

Today, Marvel is proud to present your new look at AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1 – as one of the most iconic X-Men stories of all time is reborn on Battleworld! Writer Fabian Nicieza returns to the post-apocalyptic wasteland he helped create, along with critically acclaimed artist Gerardo Sandoval (Guardians 3000)!

Apocalypse rules his domain on Battleworld with an iron fist. The few humans left alive have been enslave. The mutant rebellion has been crushed – its survivors scattered. But the terrorist insurgents known as the X-Men will not go quietly into this grim abyss. They will fight. They will end Apocalypse’s reign of terror! Even if it means their very lives! A special mutant named Cypher may hold the key to turning the tide. A weapon to be pointed directly at Apocalypse and fired. Now the hunt is on.

Can Magneto and his X-Men rescue Cypher from Cyclops & Havok’s Elite Mutant Force, Dark Beast and his vile experiments, and the new Horsemen of Apocalypse? Or is it far too late for salvation?

Find out this July in the pages of AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1!



Variant Covers by ANDY CLARKE (MAY150693) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (MAY150696)
Gatefold Poster Variant by GERARDO SANDOVAL (MAY150694)
Ant-Sized Variant by MIKE MAYHEW (MAY150695)

FOC – 06/15/15, On-Sale – 07/08/15


Age of Apocalypse #1 CoverAge of Apocalypse #1 Cover - Clarke VariantAge of Apocalypse #1 Cover - Sandoval Gatefold VariantAge of Apocalypse #1 Cover - Young VariantAge of Apocalypse #1 Preview 1Age of Apocalypse #1 Preview 2Age of Apocalypse #1 Preview 3

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