New Art Pages from DC’s The New 52 Relaunch

As usual, Bleeding Cool seems to get the first scoop on everything worthwhile in the comics industry. Taking the QR codes from each of the new DC in-house ads for several new relaunch titles led to pages on DC’s servers with unseen art on them.

Here are the pages that they managed to find. Some of them are original artwork scans.


Two Pages from Flash #1


Two Pages from Superman #1


Pages #5 and #8 from Batman #1


Pages #6 and #10 (pencils) from Action #1


Two Pages (inked) from Wonder Woman #1ww_1_11_600ww_1_17_600


Page #14 (pencils and inks) from Green Lantern #1gl1pg14gl_1_14_600


Pages #5 and #6 from Hawk and Dove #1HKDV01_05_v3HKDV01_06_v2


– The Comic Book Critic

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