Classic Minimalist Superhero Art by Michael Myers

Classic Superhero Posters by Michael Myers!

Thor print by Michael MyersWe’re always looking to find new cool and unusual artistic interpretations of comic book characters to share with you. Today we came across some really cool prints by freelance illustrator and designer from Waterloo, Iowa – Michael Myers of Drawsgood Illustration & Design!

The pieces below were created between 2010 and 2011 for both personal projects and commissions. They are of a minimalist design yet convey the characters clearly and boldly. Great stuff!

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New Art Pages from DC’s The New 52 Relaunch

As usual, Bleeding Cool seems to get the first scoop on everything worthwhile in the comics industry. Taking the QR codes from each of the new DC in-house ads for several new relaunch titles led to pages on DC’s servers with unseen art on them.

Here are the pages that they managed to find. Some of them are original artwork scans.


Two Pages from Flash #1

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