The Superior Spider-Man – An Alien?

Could The Superior Spider-Man
be Alien in origin?

Today, Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) tweeted out a link to his Tumblr page that showcases his cover art for “The Superior Spider-Man”.  I’m a big fan of Stegman’s work from his time on Scarlet Spider and think this is a perfect fit for him. 

In an interview with writer Dan Slott, over at USA Today, Dan describes the new Peter Parker as darker and should no longer be considered a ‘friendly neighborhood’ Spider-Man.  To reiterate his point, the first story arc is titled: “Hero or Menace?”Superior Spider-Man #1

The article states that Stegman will pencil the first three issues but in response to a fan on twitter about his length of time on the book, Stegman tweeted: “I’m on this book for a long, long time.”  So we’ll see where that goes.  It’s possible that he’s only doing interiors for the first three issues, but will continue doing the cover art as he has been for Scarlet Spider.

Look for some changes regarding the traditional Spider-Man costume that we all grew to love. They will “tie-in” to some new abilities the wall crawler has gained with the Marvel NOW! initiative.  Spider-Man will be wearing a belt and there will be some points added to the end of his gloves that will make him more intimidating.  In additional art provided to USA Today, you see that there will be a claw on the big toe (it’s not as obnoxious as it sounds). 

So where are these new powers coming from?  Take a look at one of the notes on the image: “IMPORTANT! Face web makes slight angry brow and ‘ALIEN’ nose”. It would be a far stretch to say there’s an alien web-slinger, but the menacing claws and darker attitude could support that theory.Superior Spider-Man Sketch

Rumors have circulated that Amazing Spider-Man could see the death of Peter Parker and Dan Slott doesn’t do anything to quiet the noise, “You’ve got to ask yourself, what does ‘Superior Spider-Man‘ mean? Does this mean a Spider-Man with a greater power set, Or maybe he’s moving to Michigan. Just set up shop next to Lake Superior," he jokes.  Then he adds to the web of rumors by revealing his plans for the release of Amazing Spider-Man #700, “All I know is I’m going into my reinforced bunker when 700 comes out."

Update 10-11-12 (11:00 am EST): Bleeding Cool news is reporting that Dan Slott has revealed Peter Parker WILL NOT be the Spider-Man in Superior Spider-Man, that replaces Amazing. Also they have reported that “retractable claws” will be present. So, does this support the theory that the Marvel NOW! Spider-Man could be alien in origin? You can read the entire story here.

So are we in fact seeing the end of Peter Parker as Spider-Man?  Or is it all just smoke and mirrors in regards to the change in personality?  Feel free to speculate in the comments below!

Stephen J. Mitchell has been reading comic books since the early 90’s and recently has introduced his own children to the world of comics.  He feels that comic books have evolved to a place in literature where anyone should be able to read one without being stereotyped.

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  1. i got mixed emotions about this one. i definitely like the artwork. like the title, too. but, no Pete as Spidey? and not “friendly neighborhood” either?!?!? i don’t know…


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