Tenleid Cosplay – Featured Cosplayer Interview

Tenleid Cosplay

Tenleid Cosplay as Earth 11 Aquaman

There are many talented models and performers who bring their love & enthusiasm to dressing up as their favorite characters. Comic Book Critic will occasionally showcase a performer who embodies this spirit of cosplaying.

Whether it’s creating the costume from scratch, altering the appearance of an existing one, or just getting into character, these performers spend a lot of time and effort on their craft. As much as we all enjoy seeing our favorite fictional characters represented in real life, let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes work that goes into that portrayal.

One thing is for certain though, their love of cosplaying shines through in their work.

The Comic Book Critic Featured Cosplayer Interview is:

Tenleid Cosplay
from Los Angeles, CA / Toronto, Ontario

Tenleid Cosplay as Black Bat

Roughly six years ago Tenleid Cosplay decided to begin cosplaying, since then she’s created many different and amazing costumes and brought them to life through her cosplays. From anime to video games to comic books, she puts her all into creating intricate costumes – just take a look at her amazing New 52 Starfire costume.

Tenleid took some time from her hectic schedule to give us an interview into what it’s like for her as a cosplayer and costume maker and what she likes most about it.

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Women of Cosplay Gallery

This gallery of comic book cosplay features the women who choose to dress up as their favorite comic book hero and act it out in public. These costumes are great and have probably required weeks, if not months, of preparation and hard work.

If you’ve put that much work into something, the last thing you want is to have a small audience see it. So here we feature some of those fantastic costumes and women to a broader internet audience.

These images were acquired from Women of ComicBook Cosplay. This is only a small sample of what they have to offer – If you like what you see, please visit their site for much more!


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