Preview: Resurrectionists #2 (Dark Horse)

Resurrectionists #2 Preview (Dark Horse)

The Resurrectionists #2

Here’s a six page preview of Resurrectionists #2 by acclaimed writer Fred Van Lente and artists Maurizio Rosenzweig & Moreno Dinisio, on sale December 24th, 2014 from Dark Horse.



Writer: Fred Van Lente
Penciller: Maurizio Rosenzweig
Inker: Moreno Dinisio
Colorist: Moreno Dinisio
Cover Artist: Juan Doe

New ongoing series!

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Preview of Eternal #1 by Harms & Valletta

Eternal #1 Preview (BOOM!)

Eternal #1

What happens in a world where humans can continually make clones of themselves and death becomes a thing of the past? Find out in The Eternal, a four issue science fiction miniseries, by William Harms & Giovanni Valletta.

Here’s a five page preview of Eternal #1 by writer William Harms and artist Giovanni Valletta, on sale December 10th, 2014 from BOOM! Studios.

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Preview of Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 by Roberson & Reynolds

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 Preview

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1

Here’s your first look at Aliens: Fire and Stone #1 by writer Chris Roberson and artist Patric Reynolds, on sale September 24th, 2014 from Dark Horse.



Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Patric Reynolds
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: David Palumbo

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Preview: Low #1 by Rick Remender & Greg Tocchini

Preview of Low #1 (Image)

Low #1

Here’s a six page preview of the much anticipated sci-fi / fantasy comic Low #1, written by Rick Remender and art by Greg Tocchini, on sale July 30th, 2014 from Image Comics.


LOW #1

art / cover: GREG TOCCHINI

JULY 30 / 36 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

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Preview: Low #1 by Rick Remender & Greg Tocchini

LOW Takes Science Fiction To New HeightsLow #1

Bestselling writer Rick Remender launches the new series fans have been dying for, previews breathtaking artwork


Here’s a short preview of the new sci-fi series Low #1 by writer Rick Remender & artist Greg Tocchini, on sale July 30th, 2014 from Image Comics.


Press Release

Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, DEADLY CLASS) and artist Greg Tocchini (Uncanny X-Force) plunge into an underwater dystopian world in their new, highly anticipated ongoing series LOW. This #1 issue marks the launch of the science fiction series first announced at Image Expo in January and the beginning of a sure-to-be hit for fans of Remender and Tocchini’s work.

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First Look at Supreme: Blue Rose #1 by Warren Ellis & Tula Lotay


Supreme: Blue Rose #1

The ethereal and haunting new beginning from Warren Ellis


Here’s a short preview of the much anticipated Supreme: Blue Rose #1 by acclaimed writer Warren Ellis and artist Tula Lotay, courtesy of Image Comics – on sale July 23rd, 2014.


Press Release

Bestselling writer Warren Ellis (TREES, Planetary) and Tula Lotay (ELEPHANTMEN, The Witching Hour) re-introduce the central Image Comics character Supreme with a science-fiction/mystery flavor in SUPREME: BLUE ROSE #1.

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Ben Templesmith Returns to IDW in July with THE SQUIDDER

Ben Templesmith Returns To IDW
With New Series

The Squidder

The Squidder is Coming!


Ben Templesmith returns to IDW Publishing in July 2014 with a new action / horror / scifi / fantasy mini series – The Squidder.


Press Release

This July, IDW Publishing and 44FLOOD come together again to release an all-new four-issue series, The Squidder, from famed comic artist Ben Templesmith. Templesmith returns to IDW as a triple threat with a series in which he writes and provides story, art, and lettering, as well as the primary covers. The Squidder mixes action, horror, science fiction, and fantasy elements with a touch of “Squidly” destruction.

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Early Preview of LOW #1 by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini From Image

LOW Release Date and Early Artwork Revealed!Low #1

The new series from Rick Remender & Greg Tocchini


Here’s your first look at Low #1, the much-anticipated sci-fi fantasy series written by Rick Remender and Illustrated by Greg Tocchini – set to be released July 30th, 2014 from Image Comics.


Press Release

Image Comics is pleased to reveal early artwork from Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, DEADLY CLASS) and Greg Tocchini‘s (Last Days of American Crime, Uncanny X-Force) new series, LOW, to whet the comics industry’s appetite.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro Welcome You to BITCH PLANET in 2014


Bitch Planet

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro announce a new series
set on an all-female penal planet


Bitch Planet, a new sci-fi action series by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick & artist Valentine De Landro arrives in 2014 from Image Comics.

This looks interesting…


Press Release

In 2014, Kelly Sue DeConnick (PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel, Avengers Assemble) and artist Valentine De Landro (X-Factor) are bringing the Women in Prison trope to outer space in BITCH PLANET. Sure to be a campy, kick-ass adventure, BITCH PLANET is the story of five leading ladies ready to bust out of their prison cells.

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STORM DOGS by David Hine & Doug Braithwaite Arrives in November


New science fiction series STORM DOGS

from Image Comics in November


Storm DogsPress release

Murder on an alien world and four uniquely talented individuals meet at the heart of the mystery of STORM DOGS, a new series by David Hine (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, THE DARKNESS, STRANGE EMBRACE) and Doug Braithwaite (Justice, Punisher, Journey Into Mystery). When a series of bizarre, violent deaths take place on the planet Amaranth, a team of investigators embarks on a journey that will show each member what it means to be a stranger in a strange land—and remind them what it is to be human.

The team is led by Cassandra Burroughs, who writer Hine describes as “delicate-looking but as tough as nails.” By contrast, military expert Siam Locke is “built like a weightlifter, but hides a complex and sensitive soul beneath her muscle.” Diplomat Masika Zenda is the cultural expert whose task is to ease relations with the indigenous Elohi, while forensic scientist Jered Hofman is the wild card—”passionate about life, love, sex and criminal pathology.”

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